Update Your Delphi And C++Builder Apps UI/UX With The Windows 10 Look And Feel

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Sarina DuPont has a great session from CodeRage X which you can view here about updating your Delphi and C++Builder apps to the Windows 10 look and feel. In this replay session, the key new Windows 10 UI paradigms are discussed as well as how you can leverage them for both existing and new VCL and FireMonkey Windows applications. A number of different demo apps are reviewed in this session which demonstrate controls like the relative panel control, TMultiView, and TSplitView. Various different Windows 10 styles for VCL and FireMonkey are also covered.

There are more great sessions coming up in CodeRage XI which is right around the corner. If you want to access all of the great upcoming sessions in CodeRage XI you should sign up here. The theme is Productivity, Platforms and Performance this year and the upcoming session schedule is available so you can pick which ones you would like to attend. Most sessions include a live question and answer with the session presenter after each session.

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