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A while back we switched to bundling Update Subscription with purchases. I believe this really important as it makes it easier for product management to focus on quality and smaller updates with new features, instead of needing to hold off for bigger releases. Interestingly features are why people upgrade, but quality is more important. Tokyo had a huge number of quality improvements, yet I still talk to people who are debating upgrading because they don't need Linux. (BTW there is a hotfix coming for the Android and mobile threading issues.)

Disclaimer: I'm including a lot of my commentary and opinion in here. I can't help it. You can find the facts about what is included on the official update subscription page.

So what all is included in Update Subscription

  • Periodic Critical Function Hotfixes Discretionary hotfixes for critical product functions - where no work-around is available.
    • You get these without update subscription too, but I thought it was important to point them out here as well.
  • Minor Releases Bug fixes, performance & feature improvements.
    • These used to be called updates, and we still call them updates occasionally, but they are point releases now that they include new features. These are like the 10.1.2 that added support for Windows 10 Store via Desktop Bridge. That was a huge feature, but it was delivered sooner (in a non-breaking release) instead of making everyone wait for 10.2.
  • Continued Maintenance On-going maintenance updates for the current release and two previous releases.
    • This is kind of interesting feature. The reality is some people aren't ready to move an active codebase forward to a new release, but they still want some of the features. So we release back ports of some features in a non-breaking update to the previous 2 versions. The best of both worlds - stay on the current version and get the new features.
  • Technical Support - Phone based technical support and three (3) annual incidents with web-tracking.
    • I'm often surprised how few people use this one. This is more than just looking things up in Google or DocWiki type support. This is getting a chunk of time from one of our really good support engineers where they will help figure something out for you. If you use up those 3 you can buy more.
  • Major Version Upgrades - All releases. Never buy upgrades again, always get the latest version when it’s released.
    • Everything here adds a lot of value, but this one is where you really start to save. I remember back in the Delphi 5 days the company I worked for only purchased every other version to save money. It kind of stunk when a new release came out that we couldn't get because often times it added features we needed. With Update Subscription you get every version, for less money in the long run. Not to mention all the other features. Once you get on Update Subscription and you will want to stay on it so you can keep saving.
  • Early Beta Access - Beta access to hotfixes, updates, and major “next” versions.
    • I'm always surprised how many people still kept asking me how to get onto the beta for 10.2 because they wanted to get their hands on Linux early. The answer is Update Subscription. You get access to the beta so you are ready for the release and can provide feedback before the release. 
  • Exclusive Content - Exclusive technical content and bonus add-ons.
    • This can show up as special bundles, or early access to online content and training. 

That is a lot of valuable benefit for our Update Subscription customers. What is your favorite benefit and why?


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