Update 4 hot-fix coming right up

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Last week, we released Update 4 for XE2 and I am very proud of the team for delivering 100s of fixes and optimizations (nay, over 1000) through these last 4 updates. As you have seen, we've put a particular focus on FireMonkey and as you might appreciate the support matrix of target hardware varies widely - especially across Windows and particularly various versions of Windows rendering libraries (DirectX, Direct2d, GDI+). As a result, we have heard of a few FireMonkey rendering issues since the release that we intend to address quickly with a hot-fix (basically a source code patch you can install on top of Update 4). In particular, some list control performance issues, fuzzy fonts due to over-aggressive anti-aliasing on some systems, and extraneous C++ package exports are slated to be addressed within these next few weeks.


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