Berlin Update 1 Sneak Peek: TGrid Native Rendering on iOS

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If you read Brandon Shopp's blog post on what we currently have in flight, you saw that we have been working on Update 1 for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin, and are down to the final handful of bugs to address and will then enter the testing and acceptance phase.  Update 1 will consist of approximately 250 fixes along with several new features.

One of those new features will be native rendering support for TGrid on iOS, and I thought I would give you a sneak peak today of what's coming.

In the past, I wrote a detailed blog post on our native platform rendering support for iOS and Windows for a variety of UI controls. You can read that post here

With Update 1, we will be expanding our native rendering support to TGrid on iOS. While TListView is recommended for long lists (especially on phone form factors), grid like layouts are popular in tablet applications given the additional screen real estate. They also offer a very flexible UI for enterprise apps where a table like layout may be preferred and features like column reordering, column resizing and text input are often required.

With Update 1, you will be able to select from either "Styled" or "Platform" as the ControlType for TGrid and TStringGrid. "Styled" allows you apply custom styles to your grid control (such as the premium styles available for 10.1 Berlin) while "Platform" lets you leverage platform native rendering for the grid control on iOS.


To take advantage of native platform rendering on iOS for the grid control, you will need to add FMX.Grid.iOS.pas to your project. The updated source file will be provided as part of Update 1 along with some great demos showing off the new functionality.

Below is video of the native platform rendering of TGrid on iOS in action:

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  • Olaf Monien
    Olaf Monien Friday, 1 July 2016

    Very interesting! What exactly is used as platform control? UICollectionView and UITableView would probably be hard to "tweak" to behave like "real" grids. Or did you license one of the many iOS Grid components?

  • Sarina D
    Sarina D Friday, 1 July 2016

    Hi Olaf,
    TGrid and TStringGrid are rendered natively on iOS (using ControlType=Platform as the option for the control in the IDE) using UIScrollView.


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