Upcoming Wednesday's Delphi Developer Webinars

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I have been missing doing live developer webinars:-) The last two on migrating to RAD Server and on APPX development for Windows Store were almost one month ago, so it is high time to return to more systematic webinar schedule! Please book your agenda for upcoming Wednesday's Delphi Developer webinar this quarter. It is always Wednesday, take off at 11am Amsterdam time (10am UK). One hour of live demos and hopefully informative and useful content for all Delphi developers.

Wednesday's Delphi Developer Webinars

This webinar is primarily aimed at developers still on "Professional" version of Delphi. I'm going to make the tour of all features that are in Enterprise and are not available in Pro, including overview of multi-device development, database access with FireDAC, DataSnap and UML Modelling.

The key benefit of multi-device development with Delphi is that you can design your mobile app once and from the very same codebase natively compile it for iOS and Android. Developers new to Delphi or C++Builder are astonished with this capability! In this demo-oriented webinar we are going to learn about practical aspects of building mobile apps with Delphi.

One of the less known features of Delphi is UML Modelling. In this practical webinar we are going to have a tour through Delphi UML Modelling capabilities including using different integrated diagram types, "Gang of Four" design patterns, documentation generation and more!

FireDAC is the most powerful database access library available in Delphi. Period. One of the main reasons Delphi developers are moving to the Enterprise edition is FireDAC. During this demo-packed webinar I'm going to present "FireDAC Tour the Force" including some of the coolest features like using ArrayDML for unmatched speed, LocalSQL for heterogenous queries, ETL processing, SQL tracing and more.

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