Unexpected Benefit of Inline Variables: Conditional Blocks

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Inline variables is one of the cool new feature coming in 10.3. The obvious huge use case is loop control variables, but I just discovered another great use case while reviewing some code. 

procedure DoesSomething; var var1, var2: Integer; begin // use var1 {$IFDEF Something} // use var1 & var2 {$ENDIF Something} end;

This is a pattern I see a lot, and it generates a hint on var2 being unused based on the current compiler directive status.

[dcc32 Hint] myUnit.pas(123): H2164 Variable 'var2' is declared but never used in 'DoesSomething'

Now there are a number of ways to deal with this with more compiler directives, which is what I’ve done in the past, but I never like adding more compiler directives. It makes the code way more complicated and harder to maintain. Now with Inline Variables I can simplify it, make it easier to maintain, and hande the hint! (all of which makes me so happy!)

procedure DoesSomething; var var1: Integer; begin // use var1 {$IFDEF Something} var var2: Integer; // use var1 and var2 {$ENDIF Something} end; Happy dance commencing in T-minus 10 seconds. 

What are some interesting ways you see inline variables benefiting you?


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