Two New Windows and Mac Development Success Stories

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Two new FireMonkey Windows and Mac development success stories are available on the Embarcadero Web site:  Bremmers Audio Design's MultitrackStudio and Porter Lee's BEAST police evidence management system.

MultitrackStudio Windows Developers Use FireMonkey to Make the Music Software Available on Mac OS X -

MultitrackStudio ( from Bremmers Audio Design is a multitrack music recording software which supports recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks. With the growth of Mac worldwide, MultitrackStudio developers felt the urgency of making their application available on Mac OS X.  The Delphi XE2 RTL (run time library functions and procedures) provided them with cross platform versions of most common functions and they could program against any C or Cocoa framework. After writing some Mac specific code including Core Audio and Audio Units, they had a running version on Mac.  "FireMonkey source code is very easy to understand because it doesn't have OS-specific code," says Giel Bremmers, Founder. "This allowed us to customize the features as appropriate for our application. We could easily edit the FireMonkey styles and found FireMonkey very easy and powerful to work with."

Porter Lee Creates Mac OS X and iPad Apps Using FireMonkey

Porter Lee uses Visual Studio with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey to deliver BEAST (, the leading police evidence management system in the United States.  “We were really impressed with all the technology and capabilities that Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey have to offer,” says Murugan Ramalingame, Porter Lee Lead Developer.  “We have save a lot of time in the past with Delphi’s fast prototyping capability and the ability to move from prototype to production quickly,” Ramalingame says. “Now with support for Mac OS X and ability to create iPad apps and RAD Cloud technology we can be more competitive than ever and grow our business much faster.”

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