Try to use IoT component 'TI SensorTag 1.0' with device on 10.1 Berlin.

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I’ve tried to run IoT device “TI SensorTag CC2650“ and IoT component on 10.1 Berlin. It works well. so I will share a brief report.

TI SensorTag CC2650 is a cool IoT device. It has many sensors (Ambient/IR Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Light, Accel, Gyro, Magneto).

But this device is inexpensive. I’ve purchased about 4000JPY from reseller in JAPAN. (because I’m in JAPAN).

And IoT component on RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is also cool. I can try to use the device with sample project for only 4 steps.

  1. Install “TI SensorTag 1.0” component from GetIt package manager.
  2. After install component, sample project is ready on RAD Studio IDE, so you can build it and deploy to device.
  3. Discover CC2650 from sample app on device.
  4. Select any sensor on sample app, and to enable, begin to get data.

This photo is TI SensorTag and sample app on My iPhone.

TI SensorTag with sample app on iPhone

It takes only within 30 minutes to go (usually it take under 10 minutes),.

If you can find IoT ThingConnect Information for TI SensorTag, please access to docwiki page, .

And If you wish to get it, please search “CC2650STK”, or contact to Texas Instruments or reseller for your local region or world wide reseller.



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