Today's RAD Studio XE8 Live Online Deep Dive Workshop - Agenda/Times

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RAD Studio XE8 Deep-Dive Online Workshop, Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 8:00am -1:00pm Pacific / 11:00am-4:00pm Eastern

Discover more about how to:

  • Make the most of your VCL Windows applications in a connected world
  • Move existing code up to new levels of scalability, performance and integration
  • Extend existing code and build new apps to embrace mobile, new devices and Internet of Things
  • Utilize high-performance, easy-to-use, enterprise database connectivity
  • Embrace the latest compilers and toolchains
  • Be the most productive you have ever been – for Windows and beyond!
  • ...and much more!

Join us for all the technical developer fun -

The Workshop Agenda

Start Time Duration Topic Presenter(s)
8:00 5 Intro and Agenda David I
8:05 10 NEW! iOS64bit – OP and C++ David I
8:15 5 NEW! GetIt Package Manager: Access and install from the cloud, popular VCL and FMX source code libraries, components and tools like AsyncPro and Power PDF right from within the IDE. Get the updated TurboPack for free! David I
8:20 5 NEW! MapView component for iOS/Android David I
8:25 10 FireUI multi-device designer and NEW! Multi-device preview + TWebBrowser JimM
8:35 5 NEW! IDE Settings Migration JimM
8:40 5 XE8 Premium Styles – VCL and FMX Al
8:45 5 NEW! Box2D - A 2D physics engine for your VCL and FMX applications Al
8:50 20 ENHANCED! App Tethering: Now it’s easier than ever to extend your VCL and FMX desktop application UI, data and control to mobile and wearables via WiFi, ethernet or Bluetooth now with hooks for data Al
9:10 10 Break #1 BREAK
9:20 20 NEW! More than 20 New IDE Features for Coding Productivity: Code faster and more efficiently with new refactorings, multi-paste support, clipboard history, parenthesis matching, Smart Keys, Code Navigation Toolbar, project statistics and more. JimM
9:40 10 NEW! AppAnalytics: Finally understand exactly how your customers use your VCL or FMX app. Simply add the TAppAnalytics component and get instant access to application usage statistics through your cloud dashboard. David I
9:50 20 RECENTLY ADDED! Easily Add Parallel Processing to Your New and Existing VCL/FMX OP and C++ Apps: Delivering 2x to 8x performance gains on Multi-Core systems. David I & JimM
10:10 30 NEW! Unit Testing: It's has never been easier or more complete with the new integrated DUnitX testing framework Nick Hodges
10:40 10 Break #2 BREAK
10:50 5 NEW! Native Platform HTTP/S VCL/FMX Support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android: Makes must-have secure connections a snap. Al
10:55 25 ENHANCED! FireDAC: The best DAC gets better with Updates Management, dbExpress migration, SQLite encryption, InterBase XE7 Change Views. Stephen
11:20 10 Devices – BluetoothLE support (VCL via Win8.1, FMX) JimM
11:30 15 NEW! IoT, Beacons and More: Easily add IoT gadgets and sensors, like proximity beacons, into your existing Windows VCL and FMX apps. JimM
11:45 10 ENHANCED! Parse/Kinvey MBaaS Cloud Services: Easily power your VCL and FMX desktop and mobile application backend infrastructure in the cloud with user management, push notifications, data storage and more. David I
11:55 30 ENHANCED! EMS (Enterprise Mobility Services): Easily integrate your applications to your enterprise and to the world with Push Notifications, REST API publishing, external credentials, database connection pooling, client API component, new administrative app and more. Al
12:25 15 Deep Dive into a Modern Healthcare Application that uses EMS, InterBase XE7, smartphones, tablets, devices and proximity beacons David I
12:40 20 Summary and Final Q&A Everyone
13:00 300 Minutes  

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