To Encrypt or not?

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I came across this nice article "To Encrypt or not?" by Elinor Mills at CNET News; you can read it at

Bruce Schnier has a quote in this article; it goes "It's data at rest that is at risk, not data in transit".

For those of you using databases do note that InterBase 2009 supports Database Encryption and Column-level Encryption thereby giving you the flexibility to select the data that you want stored encrypted. The GRANT/REVOKE commands can be used to selectively assign users access levels and nicely integrates with the builtin Encrytion Key Management facilities in InterBase. You can read about it in detail in the InterBase 2009 Data Definition guide, chapter "Encrypting your data".

The Nevada encrytion law referenced in the article above is detailed here. InterBase 2009 also provides over-the-wire encryption to encrypt database C/S communication via SSL. 

We just released Update 1 to InterBase 2009; you can download the updates from 


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