Time spent programming, reading, writing, etc in a "typical" day in 2009

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On Tuesday March 7, 2002 Grady Booch invited everyone to tell him how much time they spent doing things, architecting, coding, testing, reading, stuff, of whatever else we do in a day. Grady reported the results of 50 people who reported what they spent time doing on that Tuesday:
    Analyzing -16%
    Designing - 14%
    Coding - 16%
    Testing - 10%
    Phone - 3%
    Reading journals and email - 7%
    Productive meetings – 10%
    Useless meetings – 7%
    Other “stuff” – 17%

Since we are getting near the end of 2009, it would be great to hear from community members and SipFG blog readers about what they do on their typical day in 2009.

Today for example, I spent the following time at work after getting in to the office in Scotts Valley at 7:15am:

  • Making strong coffee in the coffee room - 5 minutes

  • Coding three Delphi apps to analyze customer registration data - 120 minutes

  • Altering a reporting database for the same data analysis - 30 minutes

  • Email - 30 minutes

  • Reading comments on my blog - 20 minutes

  • Writing this blog post - 30 minutes

  • Call with my co-Chief Evangelist Greg Keller - 30 minutes

  • Filling out expense reports before year end for trips to Europe/San Francisco and my cell phone bills - 20 minutes

  • Eating lunch at my desk while reading some technology news on DDJ.com, CNN, Slashdot Developers, Internet News - 20 minutes.

  • Reading Pawel Glowacki's "Building and Consuming Web Services with Delphi 2009" blog article - 10 minutes.

  • Reproducing Pawel Glowacki's Web services example from his blog post - 30 minutes (had a few problems with my Dell notebook's IIS setup running Windows Vista).

  • Reading items on DelphiFeeds.com - 10 minutes

  • Reading posts on the Embarcadero CodeGear public forums (I use XanaNews, built with Delphi) - 30 minutes

  • Other stuff (time flies like an arrow) - 45 minutes.

And it's only 2:15pm.  I've got at least 4 more hours to go before I go home :)

What did you spend time working on today?  How does it compare with your typical day in 2009?

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    David Heffernan Friday, 19 December 2008

    Fretting about if and when there will be a 64-bit version of Delphi - all day!

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    B. Friday, 19 December 2008

    Well its hard to remember all but is kind of a useful self-checkup...

    - 5 mins breakfast at work
    - 15 mins reading emails
    - 45 mins discussing some design issues with a team
    - 15 mins checking servers status out
    - 45 mins programming few API functions
    - 15 mins chatting with my Father
    - 60 mins lunch time
    - 90 mins meeting with marketing
    - 60 mins programming API
    - 30 mins discussing design with a team
    - 60 mins programming API
    - 30 mins reading/writing emails
    - 30 mins chatting about holidays with team members...
    - 15 mins reading through non-technical CG newsgroup...
    - (thinking about new team members we will get soon and convincing them to go the Delphi way...)
    - (thinking about why if there is VCL for the Web, the similar approach could not be made for the VCL for the .Net, now that we lost the VCL.Net part just as a new compiling target platform, without any designers and stuff just directly compiling normal Delphi code into .Net IL where feasible...)

    Cheers, B.

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    DaveK Friday, 19 December 2008

    You coded three Delphi apps [to analyze customer registration data] in 120 minutes ...
    I'm just too embarrassed to say.

  • Guest
    Sergio Pappalardo Friday, 19 December 2008

    I've made a little utility - obviously in Delphi - that can tell this for you!... Oviously the time related to you computer usage. It's completely FREEWARE. Here it is:


  • Guest
    David I Friday, 19 December 2008

    DaveK - "You coded three Delphi apps [to analyze customer registration data] in 120 minutes "

    Most of the time was figuring out a bunch of very complex SQL statements. A bunch of time spent playing around with Ribbon Controls to give a nice UI to marketing department users. Then I also created three web based versions using VCL for the Web. So I guess it was 6 programs and a lot of SQL statements, 2 SQL database Views and some stored procedures.

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    Antonio Bakula Monday, 29 December 2008

    Hey Sergio, I can not reach your site at www.silvercybertech.com, it's down ?

    anyway, I am using RescueTime (www.rescuetime.com) , it has a win32 client that actually records what I do, very nice app and free for one user.

  • Guest
    savaş oyunu Tuesday, 30 December 2008

    only thanks

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