Tiburon/C++Builder - soon with live UML modeling

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C++Builder 2007 included code visualization, a one-way UML class diagram view, we called it code visualization.  In Project Tiburon, the next version of C++Builder will have live modeling.  This means you can work in the source code, work in the UML model, and move back and forth with full, live synchronization - "the code is the model, the model is the code".

C++Builder will include support for the Class, Use Case, Sequence, Collaboration, Component, Deployment, Statechart, and Activity diagrams.




The C++Builder modeling support also includes design pattern support including "create by pattern" and harvesting objects in your models with the "save as pattern".  For Tiburon's C++Builder supports Gang of Four design patterns including the Behavioral, Creational, and Structural groups of patterns.



When (and/or if) you need to generate HTML documentation for your project, you can right mouse click on any diagram and choose the "Generate Documentation" pop-up menu item and choose to generate diagrams, JavaScript navigation tree, and interfaces for the current namespace, current namespace with descendant namespaces, current diagram, or all diagrams.


Stay tuned to the developer network for additional C++Builder news and preview videos.

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    william Thursday, 17 July 2008

    Any improvement on the built-in pattern? I found that the codes generated (Delphi) may not be so good for Win32, e.g. the observer pattern (broken?) and singleton (no explicit memory cleanup?). And it would be even better if some examples using the patterns could be included.

  • Guest
    Kent Morwath Thursday, 17 July 2008

    We hoped all the Together stuff would have been removed from RAD...

  • Guest
    davidi Friday, 18 July 2008

    Kent wrote: "We hoped all the Together stuff would have been removed from RAD..." - you don't have to use the modeling capabilities if you don't care about modeling or visualizing your programs. The capabilities are there for those who want great designs, need documentation, and want to apply design patterns.

  • Guest
    Kent Morwath Friday, 18 July 2008

    I could not use them, but they are one of the reason why the IDE become slow, memory hungry and requires J# installed. If it was Delphi code I wouldn't complain - it's the IDE become more and more unusable since Delphi 8 - we hoped getting away from Borland meant to leave there the bad stuff.

  • Guest
    David Intersimone Saturday, 19 July 2008

    Kent writes: "one of the reason why the IDE become slow, memory hungry and requires J# installed. If it was Delphi code I wouldn’t complain ... we hoped getting away from Borland meant to leave there the bad stuff."

    We continue to tune the IDE performance. You can also turn off capabilities you don't want to use: 1) during install time, 2) using language specific start up command line parameters, 3) modifying registry settings, 4) renaming/removing BPL files in the bin directory.

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    David Intersimone Saturday, 19 July 2008

    William writes: "Any improvement on the built-in pattern?..."
    I will forward to our team and see what they say about some of the patterns for Delphi. Thanks. Have you reported the issues in Quality Central? The team DOES take a look at reports.

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    Bart Garssen Wednesday, 23 July 2008

    Hi David

    This is good news for the C++ folks!

    Will Together be extended with more code generation options? We now have the object model and executable state machines with ECO. I've picked up some rumours that MS is beefing up the UML support of Visual Studio with Use Case generation, or at least some consistency checking between generated or written code. That would be another productivity boost of epical proportions off course. MS might even include function point counting and use case point counting, which is a good idea as well.

    BTW I agree with Kent on Together. In BDS2006 the designer is slow, in my projects designing UML diagrams often crashes Together, and generating documentation crashes the IDE as well :-(
    More than enough room for improvement.

    Kind regards

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