Three Selected Delphi Week Videos

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As I mentioned in yesterday's links collection, there is a YouTube channel with Delphi Week videos. Here are the three I prefer. for completely different reasons.

Insights in Delphi's Future From Allen

This long conversation with Allen Bauer has a lot of ideas, hints, and insights on where Delphi might be going in the near future, plus a lot on developer boards, IoT, compilers, history, and much more. Totally recommended.



My Fun Side Session

Well, this one I picked in a totally partisan move, because I did it. It is another round of my classic FunSide classic session. There is a lot on how to write components and IDE tools, plus some totally nonsense demos, from TNothing onwards.



Jim's Code Monkey, Code to the Music

As I mentioned, this is the part of this year's Delphi Week we will remember, for sure. If you haven't seen it, it is a must!



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