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Where were you at 1:00AM this morning? I was witnessing the epic release of RAD Studio™, C++Builder® and Delphi® 10.1 Berlin. It debuted in Berlin, Germany to a packed crowd of developers, partners and media. This launch represented a shift to ‘Enterprise Strong,’ a focus on providing optimized enterprise database access and enterprise service architecture – in short it provides an arsenal of tools for enterprise development.

With 10.1 Berlin, developers can reach internal and external audiences faster than ever before. This is taking agile to a whole new level. Through FireUI Live Preview, developers will be able to see their designs in real-time on different platforms and form factors. One codebase to produce unlimited solutions.

This release unleashes a treasure trove of opportunities for developers. The GetIt Package Manager turns off-the-shelf and custom IoT smart devices, sensors and wearables into API components instantly. It’s all object based. Just click on an image of the IoT device you want, like the Deluxe Connected Digital Blood Pressure Monitor from A&D Medical and add it right to your app. Yeah, it’s that easy.

No one likes watching a progress wheel spin. With this release the installer puts you in the driver seat. Install only what you want. Get up and running like burning asphalt.


This is the release you are looking for. Check it out today!

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