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I’m not the first to blog about components, probably not even the first today. By this point you know that we acquired some of Raize Software’s top offerings. Maybe you’ve already checked them out, use them daily, know them backwards and forwards and are wearing the t-shirt. CodeSite Studio 5 and Konopka Signature VCL Controls (formerly known as Raize Components) have been available from Embarcadero for a few months now. Get the whole run-down on these powerful tools here: Konopka and CodeSite.

So what’s new??? You can get them free with any upgrade or purchase of Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate RAD Studio, C++Builder or Delphi 10 Seattle through December 18, 2015. See here for details. Is that all? Why no, it’s not. If you just want to purchase these as stand-alone components we’ve made some changes to what you get. In short, we have cranked up the value. Each license is now fully loaded with maintenance for a full year. We’ve cut the pricing. We’ve also simplified upgrades. We heard you loud and clear and are offering you more. CodeSite Studio 5 and Konopka Signature VCL Controls work with our latest release, 10 Seattle. Find them here.


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