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When you first fire up RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder 10.2.2 Tokyo you are greeted by a fantastic new first time opening experience. First, you get to choose your theme. I really like the new Dark theme, although the Light theme has a fantastic new update too.

Welcome - Select Favourite Theme

The next screen checks your source control settings for you and prompts you to personalize or restore your common settings.

Welcome - Source control & Common settings

If you used the Migration Assistant before installing then you can restore them here. Although the upgrade from Tokyo to 10.2.2 is an in-place reinstall, so all your settings should stay the same. Still a good idea to keep a settings back-up on hand though!

If you don't have your version control setup you can grab Git command-line and Mercurial command-line (use the 32-bit versions since the IDE is 32-bit) really quick and integrate them into your IDE in just a snap.

Tools -> Options -> Version Control -> Git 

Tools -> Options -> Version Control -> Mercurial

And when you are all done you can customize the theme if you want to get creative!

Tools -> Options -> Theme Manager

What do you think of the new IDE experience? Did you notice the new Welcome screen too?


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  • john S11613
    john S11613 Thursday, 28 December 2017

    In version 10.2.2, IFMXDialogeService has been updated, Why? to improve Android's ShowModal ?

  • Gregg Redford
    Gregg Redford Monday, 18 December 2017

    The experience improved with the release of the 'revised' Update 2 and the simple fix to the documentation page (detailed in the Quality Portal). The revised Update solved the problem with my Devart problem, although I had to resort to a manual compile and installation for my TMS components all is now working.

    Code Insight was sluggish and not working properly, but that now seems to have been solved.

    It would be useful if the fact that a revised Update 2 has been issued could be published on the community web site.

  • Andrew N54756
    Andrew N54756 Sunday, 17 December 2017

    Fortunately, Welcome Page is just a html. So, I cut out usesless blocks, only two full height columns remain: recent and favorites.
    Unfortunately, Documentation Page can't be hidden forever.

  • Gregg Redford
    Gregg Redford Thursday, 14 December 2017

    Unfortunately the Welcome page is not working fully. The 'Upcoming Events and 'Youtube' areas both fail with 'parsing' errors. I also echo the above comment in that the IDE always reverts to the Startup Layout.
    Additionally, some of my third party components are reporting fatal error 'Unit compiled with a different version of System.Generics.Collections.TArray.Sort'. They worked fine under Update 1.
    The documentation page sometimes does not load at all and when it does it is all pushed to one side and will not allow you to resize.
    Overall, not a good experience I'm afraid. One the plus side the web install worked without a problem.

  • Steve J
    Steve J Wednesday, 13 December 2017

    The new Welcome Page has to be fixed. Most of the time I land on the Documentation tab, which I don't need and which is broken. The documentation frame is about 3" large only and can't be resized. One can't read what is inside. If we close the Documentation tab it should be gone forever.

    Now the main welcome page is also broken. The Upcoming Events panel to the right eats up ways too much screen estate and can't be closed. I'd like it to be closed all the time. Each time you come back to the welcome page, it reopens.

    The Favorite Projects, the Open Recent panels are not sizable or movable, they should, so one can organize the welcome page the way one wants.

    And as reported in the QP, the worst part is that the IDE does not remember the selected layout. Each time you close a file/project it reverts back to Startup Layout. I use Classic Undocked and I have to select it each time I launch Rad Studio or just switch to another project.
    That makes working in 10.2.2 very painful. As long as it's not fixed, I'll stick to 10.2.1

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