The Software Connecting the Internet of Things - A Developer Survey

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2015 is a big year for Internet of Things (IoT) solution development. Every day, more and more gadgets and devices are being added to the Internet of Things ecosystem. The interconnection between these gadgets and devices creates a potential for developers to deliver remarkable new solutions and user experiences. Today, IoT solutions have immediate application to personal wearables, smart home automation, workplace safety and automation processes, ubiquitous home-to-office telehealth, smart building automation, and even to full scale smart-city deployments. The possibilities are endless!
In December of 2014, Embarcadero Technologies sponsored a global survey of over 1,000 developers and developer managers to  better understand the current status of Internet of Things projects, their business drivers, and how developers are leveraging new capabilities to deliver remarkable new solutions.
The result is a detailed report that analyzes survey responses to shed some light on where developers think the direction of the Internet of Things is going for 2015. To what extent will  IoT drive business decisions? What kind of skills and development approaches will be crucial for deploying IoT solutions? Who are these solutions being built for? How will these  IoT solutions create new user experiences? 


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Brian Alexakis is a Product Marketing Manager at Embarcadero Technologies. He is focused on leveraging the connected world of technology to build new experiences for the Internet of Things.


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