The Enterprise Connector Beta has started

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Following up on my recent blog post, I am excited to announce that the Enterprise Connector Beta has now started.

Starting today, Update Subscription customers can join the beta and download beta builds for 70+ Enterprise Connectors via the GetIt Package Manager for RAD Studio 10.2. 

If you have any technical questions about the connectors or encounter any issues with the connectors during the beta, please contact support at

I will be focusing on a number of the Connectors in future posts, so stay tuned for more details.

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  • Rohit Kamat
    Rohit Kamat Thursday, 29 June 2017

    I have an issue - after installing the CDATA connectors, my other apps stopped compiling. On checking, I realized that the installation blew away my Library Path and replaced it with the CDATA paths!! To make matters worse, I do not know what all was in it before the install (so now I am going to likely have to go thru another full reinstall?).

    I added $(BDSLIB)\$(PLATFORM)\Release; to the beginning of the library path and my programs are compiling again - but it is crazy that an add-on installer would blow away this setting.

    With this experience and my experience after installing the April hotfix (which caused other issues), I am losing faith in blindly installing stuff from Embarcadero (or via GetIt).

  • Lars Fosdal
    Lars Fosdal Thursday, 29 June 2017

    Oddly enough, the components do not show up in my Tokio 10.2.

  • David Millington
    David Millington Thursday, 29 June 2017

    We changed a little about how they showed up in GetIt late last night EU time, so they should definitely be there now. There is a Connectors category on the left, do you see that?

    They should be available for Pro and above.

    If you still don't, please comment / email and we'll investigate further...

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