The 25 days of C++mas - December 4 - the path to C++11 and the future

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With C++Builder XE3 and the upcoming release of the C++11 compatible 64-bit compiler for Windows, Embarcadero embraces the C++11 language and delivers the only agile C++ solution for creating native applications for Windows and Mac. This release also paves the way for single-source, multi-device application development with the FireMonkey business application platform.

The Path to C++11

We have had a very rich history with C++. Beginning with Turbo C++ for DOS and 16-bit Windows, and Borland C++ for 16-bit and 32-bit Windows. All along, we have been committed to the C++ language and standards.

In 1997 we recognized the value of the VCL framwork and created standard C++ extensions to work with the Delphi language and VCL. That product was called C++Builder. C++Builder has remained the C++ solution through the CodeGear spin-out from Borland and the Embarcadero acquisition. From this rich pedigree of C++ support through the years, Embarcadero continues to drive our support for the C++ language forward.

An Architecture for the Future

With this release, Embarcadero has created an C++ compiler and toolchain architecture for the future. In addition to continues support for Rapid Application Development with visual designers and expansive component frameworks, C++Builder XE3 includes an updated C++ language compiler with support for the latest standards, including C++11, the latest libraries including DinkumWare STL and Boost, and compatibility with Borland C++ extensions for Property-Method-Events and rich Run Time Type Identification (RTTI).

This new architecture creates an intermediate language out of the compiler front-end to work with a new back-end that is multi-device targeting. Using C++11 and FireMonkey's next-generation CPU/GPU powered application platform for businesses, will enable developers to rapidly build visually engaging and data rich HD and 3D applications with blazing native performance on Windows including Windows 8 and Mac OS X with Retina Display today and also use the same codebase on iOS and Android.

Watch/Download the C++Builder 64-bit Compiler Preview

This short preview video discusses the C++Builder XE3 compiler support for building 64-bit VCL and FireMonkey Windows applications. C++Builder XE3 delivers the best of both worlds - a highly compliant C++11 64-bit Windows toolchain with an agile development solution. Several C++ applications are demoed showing how you can build 64-bit applications and also use the latest C++ features and libraries. Also discussed in the preview video are some of the differences between the C++Builder XE3 32-bit and 64-bit compiler.  Watch the video on YouTube at You can also download the MP4 video file at  The preview video is 9 minutes long.

CodeRage 7 C++ conference, December 10-12, 2012

The CodeRage 7 C++ conference starts next Monday, December 10, 2012 at 6am Pacific Standard Time (14:00 UTC).  There are 3 days of C++ sessions including my special live, online conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup at 8am PST (16:00 UTC) on Monday.  Some of the C++ sessions you won’t want to miss are included in my blog post on November 21 -

Happy C++mas!

During the first 25 days of December leading up to Christmas, I will blog about the upcoming release of the C++Builder 64-bit compiler for Microsoft Windows and C++Builder XE3 support for building VCL and FireMonkey 2 applications.

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