The 2015 Hour of Code is here, with 191,000 events around the world!

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I just received the following email from Hadi Partovi from Code.Org. "The 2015 Hour of Code is here, with 191,000 events around the world!" Challenge yourself, your classroom, your child, or a friend to learn something new this week.

Learn to code with Minecraft, Star Wars, or 50 other options for every age, from pre-readers to adults. Brooklyn and Chicago are going head-to-head in a competition to reach more students. In Nigeria and Syria, students are coding amidst the violence. Russia and Italy asked every school to host an Hour of Code. In Zimbabwe, Guam, Colombia, France, Malta, Afghanistan — in every country — students are learning skills that can change the rest of their lives. Join the conversation around this global event. Browse this #HourOfCode live feed, share your own coding story on social media with #HourOfCode, or watch this 1-minute video of classrooms around the world.

Beyond one hour — a sea-change in education

Thanks to your voices, the largest U.S. cities have adopted computer science. Some entire states are adding the course to schools. But 75% of schools still don’t teach this foundational field. You can help change that. Ask your local school to teach computer science (sample letter). Your stories and passion make this movement possible. Join us now to prove anyone can take part is building the technology that’s changing our world. Hadi Partovi and the team.

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