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This week I've been watching a lot of Camtasia's related to JBuilder 2007. Just enter "" into your browser, and click on the "Video Demos" tab to get access to 18 videos grouped in 5 categories. I wish similar page with video resources is also available for other CodeGear products. Why not "" or ""? More comprehensive list of JBuilder 2007 videos. is available through CodeGear Developer Network.

These camtasias are really useful because JBuilder 2007 is based on Eclipse. While Eclipse programmers feel at home with JB2007 right away, existing JBuilder coders need some time to get used to the new IDE. By the way JBuilder 2007 ships with the full installation of its previous version (JBuilder 2006) in the same box, which is the latest version based on PrimeTime.

JBuilder 2007 videos I liked the most are related to "ProjectAssist" and "TeamInsight". This is a simple, yet powerful concept of being able to quickly setup access to different open source services -- like source code management, defect tracking, requirement management, project planning, and continuous integration -- that are critical to developing software projects in teams of arbitrary sizes. If you are just a member of the development team you receive from your project leader or administrator automatically generated email with URLs for accessing different services that you have to use during your development work.

For starters I would recommend watching 30 minutes video "ProjectAssist & TeamInsight" by Karl Ewald and Ravi Kumar from JBuilder R&D. In this demo Karl and Ravi demonstrate creating a JBuilder 2007 project that is specific to "ProjectAssist" and then configuring it through either installing or creating references to different team-work related services:

But the coolest thing is that you do not have to install all these services yourself to try them out! CodeGear provides server with all these services preinstalled for testing! As a Delphi developer I would like to see "Project Assist" in the next version of CodeGear Developer Studio!

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    Betsy Weber Saturday, 20 January 2007

    Thanks for the post about Camtasia Studio. I appreciate it!

    I had not seen those videos before. They are great! Thanks for sharing!

    Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist


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