TeamB meeting note: Distinctions between CoreSDP and BDS

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Every year, some TeamB members have meetings with Borland staff, and today included meetings with some Borland execs.

One of our meetings was with Boz Elloy, Senior Vice President of Software Products, and a subject we talked about was what Core SDP is, and why Delphi isn't included in it. He advised that what he said is public knowledge, so we (TeamB) have permission to repeat it, so here it is:

Core SDP (Software Delivery Platform) is a product aimed at enterprises, typically companies that have more than 20 developers, however that number can, and is, sometimes much larger. Core SDP comprises tools for Enterprises, and it embeds products such as CalibreRM server, and StarTeam server. Core SDP can't exist without these. The development platform in Core SDP is Java, and there are plans to include .NET development, but not Delphi for .NET because, we were told, Enterprises don't choose Delphi for .NET.

At the same time, BDS ie Borland Developer Studio, which includes Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C#Builder, and integrates Together, CalibreRM and StarTeam, is aimed at to SMB's (Small to Medium Businesses). SMB's typically have less than 20 developers, however of course that number can be larger.

That's all I have for now.. stay tuned later for any other news that I can divulge.

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    Bruce McGee Wednesday, 16 November 2005

    Enterprises don't choose Delphi (.Net or otherwise)?

    Whatever else I think of Borland and its products, this kind of thinking from its management just leaves me flabbergasted.

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    Robert Dawson Sunday, 20 November 2005

    Re " ...there are plans to include .NET development, but not Delphi for .NET..."

    Dave--any thoughts on what this could possibly mean? Will Core SDP favor integrating with VS rather than BDS? Does Borland intend to provide a .NET solution that doesn't include Delphi for .NET?

    WOul be interesting to know how Borland intends to include the one and not the other.


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    Nick Hodges Sunday, 20 November 2005

    Bob --

    I was at the same briefing, and here are the answers to your questions: Amazingly, yes, Core SDP appears to favor VS.NET over BDS. Yes, Borland plans on providing a .Net solution for CoreSDP that doesn't involve Delphi for .Net.

    I was as stunned then as you probably are now.


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    Vlad Tuesday, 22 November 2005

    I'm not surprised, most of Senior VPs and management staff believe that Enterprises are run on java, and they will be stunned if they know that their multi-million enterprise system requires small VB/Access/Delphi application which actually does the job.

    And I’m not surprised that Delphi will be NEVER considered enterprise-level development tool. If Borland don’t believe in it who will?

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