TBeacon and New Appmethod at IT DroidCon

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Beacons, iBeacons, altBeacons... Beaconing is probably the hottest new technology among programmers. Today I had a pleasure to present the latest Appmethod to developers at the IT DroidCon conference in Turin in Italy. Building natively compiled apps from the same codebase for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac with reusable components is always fun. Probably the most fun I had with using the new "TBeacon" component for building proximity aware mobile apps. How could it be simpler? Beaconing is the whole new world to learn for programmers. There are different vendors, specifications and concepts to absorb, but it is fun! The "TBeacon" component is new feature of Appmethod 1.16 and Delphi XE8, C++Builder XE8 and RAD Studio XE8.

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