Stockholm - RAD Studio 10.2

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On the high speed train from Stockholm to Gothenburg. In the morning flew from Amsterdam to show the latest Delphi and C++Builder to Swedish developers. There is certain energy exchange happening on live developer presentations like this. You give something and you get something in return. Nice to have Internet and electricity in the train, but after the whole day of programming new ideas do not come easy.

Every RAD event is different. From recent ones in Prague and Warsaw, I knew to keep enough time to properly explain REST API publishing with RAD Server. FireDAC was also well received and got a proper time slot to explain. New MariaDB 10.2 support and design-time FDMemTable was covered as well.

Obviously the biggest interest was in the new Delphi Linux 64-bit compiler. I could not resist demonstrating building Linux FireMonkey graphical user interfaces with FmxLinux, which is not really part of our offering.

Great time in Stockholm. Almost arriving to Gothenburg for the morning event in the Alfasoft office there. See you soon!

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