Source code in TV and Films, Nvidia crop circle and other stories

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Catching up on more of my new year reading, especially with technology stories that are cool, strange, odd and more. I read a tweet by Grady Booch and almost at the same time was reading a BBC article (the BBC used the title "dodgy program code explosed") about a cool web site that has screen shots from television shows and movies showing source code from various programming languages, applications, shells scripts and other places. Over the holidays there was a crop circle sighting in Chualar California just down Highway 101 from Silicon Valley and our offices. As you've seen by my recent blog posts, the CES 2014 show had a lot of announcements of new curved LED screens, gadgets, devices, tablets and more. Everyone has left Las Vegas (if you can really leave Las Vegas) and now we will see when all the cool new stuff will be available for sale. Jim and I are working on demos for our upcoming devices and gadgets webinar that will take place Wednesday, January 22. And now for some of the news, crazy things and wonderful stuff happening in our world.

Source Code in TV and Films

You'll find a cool web site at the Movie Code Tumblr site,, which has bitmaps showing source code that appears on screens in television shows and movies. Besides seeing the screen bitmaps, John Graham-Cumming has been encouraging others to submit screens and developers are explaining what the source code is and what it does. Great reading for all developers. When I see computer screens in movies and shows, I am always looking for the products and when there is source code I also try to see if I recognize it. It's great to have a site where all of this can be collected.

Nvidia graphics chip Crop Circle in Chualar

The stories were all over the local, national and international news about a crop circle that appeared in Chualar California. Turns out the real story is that Nvidia hired some crop circle creating specialists to create a design based on a new graphics chip, the Tegra K1, they were unveiled at CES 2014. Pretty cool huh? When I first saw the pictures on the news, it looked like some form of digital design to me but I didn't relate it immediately to a graphics chip. There was a lot of activity around the field with police, fire department, spectators and press. Some of this activity certainly cost the departments some money. Will Nvidia have to pay or will someone be charged with a crime? The property owner was in on the marketing event. The design was related to Nvidia's new Tegra K1 chip which has 192 cores.

Computing: The Human Experience

Grady and Jan Booch are the co-creators of the media project, "Computing: The Human Experience". The project is documenting the story of computing and its integral part in the story of humanity. You can take part in the project by recording your own personal story about how computing and technology has impacted, influenced and infiltrated your life, your family, your industry and the lives of others in our world. You can share your stories and experiences on the project YouTube channel at Maybe some developers will record videos explaining some of the source code that has appeared on the Movie Code Tumblr? Have you seen cool code in on the small or big screen?

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