Slide transitions in your iOS applications

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Many mobile applications today include transitions. On iOS, the slide transition is very common. If you are an iOS user, you are likely using the mail app on your device. The iOS mail application is a good example of a slide transition. Whenever the user clicks on an email in their inbox, a slide transition is invoked and the new screen with the selected email slides in.

With Delphi for iOS, you can easily enable the same slide transition in your listbox. And all it takes is a couple of lines of code.

For this sample, I connected my listbox to sample data from the PrototypeBindSource component using the LiveBindings Designer. I am also using the ActionList component with the new tab action to define my slide transition.

I assigned ChangeTabAction to my back button.

For the listbox, I used the following two lines of code to invoke the slide transition whenever a user clicks on an item in my list.
procedure TPhoneMasterDetail.ListBox1ItemClick(const Sender: TCustomListBox;
const Item: TListBoxItem);
ChangeTabAction1.Tab := TabItem2;

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