SDC2010 Conf and "Delphi Graphics Options" session source code

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Every year I really enjoy the annual international conference from Dutch Software Developer Network.

This year I was only following presentations in "Delphi" track. It is always a great pleasure to meet great Delphi experts. This year there were presentations from Jim Tierney, Marco Cantu, Cary Jensen and Bob Swart who is also involved in the logistics.

Below is Bob Swart in action!

I have enjoyed every single presentation and the conference - as always - was perfectly organized. To mention just a few "Advanced DataSnap" and "DataSnap Application Types" sessions from Jim were excellent, very impressive tour of new IDE and language features since Delphi 2005 in separate VMWare images by Cary, and - my favourite - Marco's session on JavaScript clients for DataSnap REST servers.

My session was on Delphi graphics programming and I wanted to share here the source code I have put together during preparations to this presentation. The download available from EDN Code Central contains a couple of Delphi XE projects demonstrating using different graphics options available, including GDI, Direct2D and OpenGL.

Today I have seen blog post by Chris Bensen about running DOS emulator on IOS.

BGI - or Borland Graphics Interface - was the first, pre-Delphi graphics programming option available for programming graphics in Turbo Pascal. I wonder if my old TP5.5 BGI graphics DOS applications would run on this emulator...

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