Results from the Embarcadero Academic Program in Brazil

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v-deo-satc-cria-aplicativo-para-movimentar-protese-de-maoFábio Feltrin da Silveira and João Mota Neto

Embarcadero has a Academic Program. Basically, any formal school can have Embarcadero tools available in their labs, and for all their students, paying a symbolic price per unit. If you want to know more, please contact Embarcadero or a distributor/reseller in your region.

Here in Brazil we are adding more and more universities to the program, and the first results are showing up. I’m here to share one of these cases.

SATC is one of our affiliated. They are teaching Delphi inside their regular programming course, and also using the tool in some researches, like this one reported here:

The text above is in brazilian portuguese, but in short, it says:

After six months of study, research with a prosthetic hand developed in Satc creates application able to make an artificial hand to move by an smartphone. The tool enables the registration of several movements that make fingers and forearm to move by means of voice command.

The artificial hand was created in Satc by 3D printing method. The voice command smartphone was developed in Delphi, which allows the application to run on any platform.

Here you have two videos showing the prototype in action:

I’d like to congratulate the university and all the team involved in this project (Fábio Feltrin da Silveira and his coordinator, João Mota Neto) by this incredible achievement, and please, keep us informed about the project status!

Finally, If you are a teacher or a student in any part of the world, and want to have Embarcadero tools in your school, please contact us (or any partner in your region) and let’s innovate together!

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