Responsible for cross-platform database administration? Join the DBArtisan v8.7 beta program!

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Embarcadero recently launched the DBArtisan 8.7 Beta Program and we are actively recruiting beta participants. Embarcadero DBArtisan is the leading cross-platform database administration tool that helps you maximize availability, performance and security of your databases.

In addition to continuing to improve the overall quality and performance of DBArtisan, we’ve added some GREAT new features!

New Features Include:

  • Advanced filtering at both the data source and object level.

  • The ISQL Editor has been enhanced with a set of automated validation and code assistance features:

    • On-the-fly syntax checking locates and diagnoses syntax errors as you type

    • Semantic validation eliminates typographical errors and helps avoid outdated references in specified object names

    • Code Complete analyzes statements as you type and offers intelligent suggestions with regard to object names

  • z/OS support has been enhanced to include new features to support the latest releases.

  • Full Unicode support

  • and MORE!

DBArtisan 8.7 is scheduled for General Availability in early September, 2009.

Click here to join the DBArtisan 8.7 Beta Program and see for yourself.

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    Jan Derk Wednesday, 8 July 2009

    Your colleague Chris Pattinson, posted about the Delphi beta program a few days ago.

    I signed up answering several questions and ...

    received no response for days.

    No email.

    One day later: no email.

    Two days passed by: no email.

    No beta registration code.

    No download link.

    No reference to the beta test website.


    Another day gone: still nothing...

    No: here's your beta registration code.

    No: you unfortunately cannot be accepted.



    From the responses from Crhis's blog posts I see I am not the only one.

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