RemObjects prepping VCL and .NET integration for FireMonkey

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The folks over at RemObjects are hard at work on a new version of Hydra that will provide several very cool use cases for FireMonkey. Essentially Hydra provides integration between differing platforms/frameworks allowing you mix and leverage different technologies in the same application.

There are actually a variety of integrations, all of which are really interesting.

The first is enabling Firemonkey HD and 3D elements to be used in VCL forms.  This should allow you to augment existing VCL Windows applications with rich Firemonkey HD/3D features.

Next they are enabling Firemonkey HD and 3D elements to be used in .NET Winforms.

And finally, they are enabling WPF elements to be used within Firemonkey forms.

according to RemObjects, other combinations will be supported as well including FireMonkey in a WPF app, and VCL or WinForms in a FireMonkey app.

Cool stuff. Read more about these new capabilities on RemObjects blog. And more Hydra info at


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