Remembering my first Delphi experience

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Since it's Delphi's birthday today, I thought I would share a personal story about my first experience with it. a few monts before its release, I was working in the Mod C of the Borland building as part of the C++ team. We had our own IDE and Windows framework called OWL and were very proud of it.

One day, while walking through Mod D (where the Pascal guys worked) to get to the cafeteria, I remarked to a friend that it was conspicuously quiet. I didn't hear as my keyboard clatter as I usually did. So, I poked my head into a cube to see what was going on.

What I saw made me very excited. Sparky (old nickname used to protect the innocent) was rapidly building a Windows app visually without the usual heavy typing required from a native development tool. I thought he was using VisualBasic until he popped into the code editor and starting writing Pascal code. Then he hit F9 and I watched the compiler generate a native executable. What a mindbender!

That experience really stuck with me and over the coming weeks/months I found myself daydreaming about doing that type of development with C++. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long because C++Builder was right around the corner.

So, thanks Delphi and Happy Birthday.

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