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If you are interested in Delphi web services and web programming, feel free to join me tomorrow for two live Delphi webinars: "Delphi for .NET 3.5 RESTful web services" and "Introduction to Delphi VCL for the Web Programming".
More details below:

Date: 10 JUNE 2008
Time: 11:00 (CEST), 10:00 (GMT)
Length: 60 min
Title: "Delphi for .NET 3.5 RESTful web services"
Presenter: Pawel Glowacki
Language: English
Description: This webinar covers Delphi for .NET 3.5 RESTful web services programming. It starts from understanding RESTful web services, and then continues to building simple RESTful web services in Delphi 2007 with .NET.
The support for REST web services was added in the recent .NET 3.5 to Windows Communication Foundation programming model introduced in .NET 3.0. RESTful web services direcly relies on HTTP protocol and do not use SOAP stack. The HTTP protocol is text-based, so the use of XML as a data interchange format is optional and not mandatory as with SOAP-bases web services. The JSON is gaining lots of interest among RESTful web services developers as a "fat free" alternative to XML. The .NET 3.5 adds a possibility to declaratively choose between XML and JSON as serialization format that goes over the wire.
The WCF is a natural evolution of the first generation ASMX web services that evolved from WSE. In the WCF's ellegant object model not only messaging (XML or JSON) is decoupled from the underlying transport (HTTP or binary), but also it is possible to host WCF services in arbitrary Windows processes. The webinar continues to demonstrating hosting WCF services in ASP.NET Delphi .NET web applications and Delphi .NET Console applications.

Date: 10 JUNE 2008
Time: 15:00 (CEST), 14:00 (GMT)
Length: 60 min
Title: "Introduction to Delphi VCL for the Web Programming"
Presenter: Pawel Glowacki
Language: English
Description: This webinar covers basics of building native Delphi AJAX web applications with the VCL for the Web framework. One of the most interesting new features in CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 is AJAX support in the VCL for the Web framework. The VCL for the Web is a framework and component set for building web applications in a true RAD manner. Using VCL for the Web you can create, debug and maintain web-based applications as quickly and easily as your normal Delphi applications. You do not need to be HTML or JavaScript expert to build responsive AJAX-powered web applications with the VCL for the Web. Building web applications with the VCL for the Web is very similar to creating traditional Delphi VCL Forms applications. Just drop a bunch of components from the Tool Palette onto the form designer, modify their properties at design-time with Object Inspector, add some code in event handlers and you are up-and running.
In this webinar we are going to discuss different VCL for the Web application types, using "Sessions", form navigation and controlling page layout with styles and templates.

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    Stig Friday, 13 June 2008

    Hi Pawel,

    It seems that CodeGear 2007, with the latest update, does not support .NET 3.5.
    In fact, creating a completely empty console application with a reference to System.Data.Linq or System.ServiceModel.Web will not be compileable!
    My Delphi keeps complaining: "Required package ... not found" and "Internal Error ..."
    It seems that Delphi.NET does not search the GAC for assemblies - why?

    I saw that you encountered a similar problem in the Webinar with RESTfull WebServices - but unlike you - I do not have a fallback solution ;-)

    Have you been able to create RESTfull WebServices of late? And if so, what version of the compiler/RAD Studio are you using? My RAD Studio says "Version 11.0.2902.10471" - and version does'nt work!


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