RAD Studio in Tel Aviv rocks!

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Just back from Software Development Conference in Israel. There was probably around 600 attendees gathered in Hilton Tel Aviv hotel.

It is always great to meet existing, loyal Delphi developers. They are very happy with the latest versions of RAD Studio. At conferences like this it is also interesting to meet developers new to Delphi and C++Builder. Embarcadero message of "native multi-device development from one source code" resonates very well and developers love the possibility to build your application once, with visual reusable-components, using C++ or Object Pascal. New XE8 multi-device previews and FireUI form designer really shine.

My 30 minutes presentation of capabilities of RAD Studio XE8 was very well received and there were many detailed questions. As an example of a multi-device app, I have created XE8 version of my XE2 "Chemical Molecules Viewer". I’m still working on improving it and eventually deploying to app stores. The name is new as well: "Molecule Hero"!

Here is "Molecule Hero" app compiled for all supported platforms: Android, Windows, Mac and iOS!

All four apps are compiled natively from the very same Object Pascal code!

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  • Oren Aviram
    Oren Aviram Thursday, 23 July 2015

    Hi Pawel,
    Cool Blog!
    It is Oren Aviram, from Israel :-)
    It was very nice meeting you there at the conference, as always.
    As you mentioned, there are many loyal Delphi\Pascal developers, even in Israel. You just have to know where look to find them...they're far away, ahead, leaving dust to all other devs.

    Hope to see you back, soon, it's a hell of Summer in Tel-Aviv.

    P.S. Dan, contact me at [email protected], if you need a hand in Delphi.

  • Dan S7419
    Dan S7419 Wednesday, 22 July 2015

    Hi, We are looking for an expert developer in Delphi to work as a contractor on one of our development projects. Does someone know where can I find Delphi developers? Our company located in Israel but this contractor can work from anywhere in the world.
    Would really appreciate your help.

  • DavidI
    DavidI Monday, 6 July 2015

    Download link for the XE8 version of the molecular viewer?

  • Paweł Głowacki
    Paweł Głowacki Tuesday, 7 July 2015

    I'm going to put few more touches to the source code and then I will make it available for download.

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