RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Preview Event in Prague Today

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I'm just sitting in the Prague airport waiting for my flight back home after a very good RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Live Preview that I presented today. We had 115 very enthusiastic attendees watching what the upcoming RAD Studio release will bring.

One of the most expected new features is clearly the support for building apps for Linux. Focusing on Linux only would not give justice to RAD Studio. The presentation was divided into two parts. In the first part I had a big zoom from the RAD Studio as a whole and its vision to Windows 10 support and being able to publish VCL and FireMonkey apps to Windows 10 Store. We had guest presenter, Mr. Daniel Jenne from Asseco Solution, who talked about Asseco Delphi app that was successfully submitted to Windows 10 Store. The second part was all about Linux support and Delphi enterprise technologies. I have gone through the process of creating an Ubuntu Server virtual machine, installing PAServer on it and deploying console and web application built with Delphi. We had also covered new and existing features of FireDAC and RAD Server.

It is always great fun to come to Prague. In two weeks I'm going to Warsaw in Poland to show upcoming RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo to Polish developers.

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  • Lena I2199
    Lena I2199 Tuesday, 7 March 2017

    Any news about support servises for Android in C++ Builder?

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