RAD Studio 10.2 Preview in Warsaw, Poland

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I'm just back from Warsaw, my home city, where I met 90 enthusiastic Delphi and C++Builder developers on the "RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Preview" presentation. It is always nice to do the presentation in Polish, and meet friendly faces. As always the event was perfectly organised by BSC Polska, Embarcadero representative for Poland.

The queue during the break and after the presentation to ask questions and have a quick chat is always a good sign, that the presentation was well received. Similarly to the event in Prague two weeks ago, the actual agenda was divided into two parts. First was devoted to the RAD Studio value, the IDE productivity improvements, building Windows 10 apps with VCL and FireMonkey and finally about creating APPX packages and publishing to Windows Store. The second part was all about Enterprise technologies. It started from the presentation of the new 64-bit Linux compiler. I have built and deployed to Linux console apps and web broker apps. And demonstrated building Linux dynamic libraries aka "shared objects". The rest of the event was about database connectivity with FireDAC and building REST APIs with RAD Server.


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