RAD Studio 10.2 in Belgium

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The RAD Studio 10.2 tour continues. Today we had a stop in Belgium in Edegem. That's the same conference facility very close to Antwerp that hosts most RAD Studio events in Belgium. The facilities are great. The room was not as big as yesterday in Paris, but that was good, because all attendees could easily read the code from the screen.

Every presentation is different. Today I have started from IDE productivity. Quick Edits have been received very well and there was this same question that pops up every single time. "Is it possible to add your own form designs to quick edits context menu?" Something for our product management team to consider. It is a really valid request.

The next topic was Linux development. We have started from a simple "Hello World" console app deployed to Linux and followed by a simple web server application. Then there was a time to show building desktop apps for Linux with "FmxLinux" from KSDev. I really think that it would be great this feature to RAD Studio.

Just before coffee break I was presenting what are the steps to build your own APPX package for publishing to Windows 10 Store. That's an exciting opportunity and great distribution channel for all Delphi and C++Builder developers that are targetting Windows. After the break I have focused on IoT and RAD Server. 

It is always great to come to Belgium and meet developers. Time to bed. Tomorrow the last event this week. This time in the Netherlands in Bussum.

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