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RAD in Action: Revolutionary UI Development with FireUI
Build One UI for 4 Form Factors
David Intersimone "David I"
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

UI development has changed significantly over the years with new devices and form factors being introduced every day. From phones, desktops, tablets, mini-tablets, wearables, Google Glass and more, developers are faced with creating unique UIs that fit each form factor and native device style.

The revolutionary FireUI designer allows you to create custom and unique UI and UX for each device platform and form factor in a single codebase. FireUI allows you to share one master form and device view across multiple UIs. The webinar shows you how to change the design paradigm in today’s multi-device world.

Here are the slides and resource links used in today's FireUI webinar. I will update this blog post with the link to the final projects source code.

RAD in Action: FireUI - Slides on SlideShare

I have uploaded the slides for today's webinar to my SlideShare account.

Resource Links

The following are URL links to documentation, tutorials, videos, and other information related to each part of today's webinar.

Form Designer

FireMonkey Styles

TMultiView Component



CodeRage 9 sessions for FireUI

Here are the links to the recent CodeRage 9 sessions focused on FireUI in the Object Pascal and C++ tracks.

Object Pascal


Developer Skill Sprints

Several sessions in the Developer Skill Sprints series showcase different aspects of FireUI, the multi-device designer and multi-device development using FireMonkey.

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