Q&A: Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8

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Live Webinar Replay - Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8

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Due to the overwhelming demand, we're offering a live replay of the "Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8" webinar on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Don’t miss out on your chance to get answers to your questions directly from the experts at Embarcadero!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
6AM San Francisco / 9AM New York / 2PM London / 3PM Milan
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5PM San Francisco / 30-Apr 9AM Tokyo / 30-Apr 10AM Sydney

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Join Embarcadero’s Product Management team for this first look webinar of what's new in RAD Studio XE8. New RAD Studio features will help you build amazing connected app solutions for Windows and beyond. In this webinar you will:

  • See new innovations in multi-device, multi-form development
  • Build 64-bit and Universal apps for iOS
  • Add IoT solutions, like proximity awareness to your existing applications
  • Extend and mobilize your Windows-based business
  • Be more productive than ever in the IDE

You don’t have to wait for the live replay. The what's new webinar is available for replay online right now!

Question and Answers from the Whats New in XE8 Webinar, 4/08/2015

Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 Q&A

Thursday, April 9, 2015 – 6am, 11am and 5pm PDT

6am PDT Webinar

Q: Technical brilliance again from Embarcadero - not doubt about that. I shall always remain a loyal fan, but when are we going to see support for Windows Phone

A: We are watching Windows Phone, but it is actually loosing market share recently. Maybe that will change with Windows 10.

Q: What does the 67% resp. 83% bar stand for? I only see "Apple iOS"

A: I believe it was 67% iOS and 83% Android. Things got downsized.

Q: Will Apple Watch be supported in XE8?

A: Hard to say when it isn't released yet. Android Wear was supported by the existing version when it was released. Maybe Apple Watch will be, if not then in a future release.

Q: Zoom and Pan Gestures is not working on iOS when form border style is set to "None". Is this issue resolved in XE8?

A: Did you submit an issue on that bug? If so you can check the bug fix list and see: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/44358

Q: Hi, the iOS gesture issue was sumitted in 2013: http://qc.embarcadero.com/wc/qcmain.aspx?d=120678

Q: Will there be any sample/snippet code for Android Wear?

A: Nothing Android Wear specific, but it works just like an Android device for basic functionality. I've covered it on my blog with XE7: http://delphi.org/2014/11/developing-on-the-samsung-gear-live-smart-watch/

Q: We don't like the direction in which the things are moving to... Where is our good old Delphi! What is the future of the VCL? Why adding tons of things for iOS, Android etc. and not fixing the bugs that are there since years? Sorry, no I'm free :-)

A: There are VCL bugs being fixed. As the earlier slides showed, most developers also need to support mobile too, which is why Delphi supports VCL and mobile. http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/44358

Q: IOS, Android, Windows.... Linux not supported? right?

A: Not yet, but it is on the road map.

Q: 64 bits build for iOS, will it be supported by XE7 free update? If not, XE7 will be useless for iOS next June.

A: iOS 64-bit support is a new platform in RAD Studio XE8, it will not be available to XE7 which shipped well before this requirement from Apple, Update Subscription will ensure you have access to new releases as they are made available

Q: xe8 News for vcl Apps?

A: There are new VCL specific features in XE8, and a lot of features that work with both VCL and FMX.

Q: Ref Linux Question, We do already support Linux for the Database server with InterBase which now includes support for 32bit and 64bit linux, including new support for Ubuntu.

Q: Are the new releases of Yosemite (10.10.3) and IOS (8.3) supported?

A: Works on my machines so far.

Q: Any thoughts of danger of misuse of IoT for surveillance from foreign states and alike?

A: I guess this is really beyond the webinar topic... but in general security is very relevant for device communication.

Q: is this employee demo on web?

A: Yes, you can access the related blog post for the HR Manager demo and download link here: http://community.embarcadero.com/index.php/blogs/entry/fireui-multi-device-application-development-hr-manager-example

Q: So to create a Appstore-compatible iOS 32/64-Bit package I have to add a new plattform and configure that again? Why is there even a pure 32-Bit-platform if that will be obsolete within a few months?

A: 32-bit will not be obsolete within a few months, there are still a large percentage of 32-bit devices out in the wild and it will be a long while before they are replaced

Q: will there be a windows 10 universal apps?

A: Windows support will continue to be native WinAPI based for the foreseeable future

Q: Sorry that this is off topic, but anyone know why the EDN forums are so rarely available these days, e.g. now, e.g. https://forums.embarcadero.com/

A: We recommend using the new http://community.embarcadero.com site and the answers and forums sections

Q: Are beacons using both protocol or are there some only supporting iBeacon and other only AltBeacons?

A: There are beacons in the market that have concurrent support for both iBeacon and AltBeacon

Q: Is it mainly Firemonkey updates? Anything for VCL?

A: There is a lot of new content for RTL and VCL, coming in this section

Q: Beacon works only with bluetooth or with NFC too?

A: Beacons are Bluetooth LE devices. Please see http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/XE8/en/Using_Beacons

Q: Is RAD Studio now able to produce compact code for mobile devices? Approximately how large is the file size for a minimum "Hello World!" mobile app?

A: It is compact, but also include support libraries.

Q: What about native control rendering for Android?

A: yes, we do intend to support other operating systems with native platform presentations

Q: Is there any plan to support Linux's platforms?

A: Yes, Linux server side support is on our roadmap

Q: Why are beacons not supported for Windows?

A: Beacons are not available for the Windows platform because the advertising data is not accessible.

Q: Is Box2D (which looks great btw) a translation (ie entirely Delphi) or is it a wrapper / header conversion around a DLL, or...? Is it available on all platforms?

A: For Delphi, this is a translation of the headers, calls the actual library (DLL or direct link). It is available on all platforms

Q: Windows 10 is based on WinAPI or need .NET Framework?

A: Both are possible. Actually the options Windows Desktop applications (Win32/Win64 API) or Universal Apps (WinRT runtime, .NET or JavaScript)

Q: what is the monthly or yearly cost for this service?

A: The cost is based on the number of analytics events you wish to store/access each month

Q: are there some net resources describing the kind of IoT gadgets?

A: We document some specific gadgets we support, more will come

Q: Enhancements in the Parrallel Library? E.g. continuation

A: Fixes and core improvements, no new features in XE8, but we are considering some for the future

Q: Where do we sign up for a TAppAnalytics account?

A: Your EDN login will allow you see AppStart events now. Login at appanalytics.embarcadero.com. For additional events and custom events please contact your local sales representative.

Q: also nativ tcp/udp?

A: HTTP client library is for HTTP only ;-)

Q: Will the App Analytics always be hosted by Embarcadero or will we be able to utilize that service internally?

A: It is hosted by Embarcadero at appanalytics.embarcadero.com

Q: Great! the new HTTP component to native makes the app in iOS not need the OpenSSL libraries. Is not needed ERN for the use of HTTPS?

A: This is exactly the main reasons we added it! - Marco

Q: how much does analytics cost and can we host our own analytics script?

A: The pricing has not been published yet (it wil be shortly) and it is based on the number of analytics events you want to capture each month. This services is only hosted by Embarcadero at appanalytics.embarcadero.com. You can login today with your EDN username and password and see all AppStart events for free.

Q: I really like the native platform support for the controls - thank you! Do control runs any faster on the device in this mode than using Styled?

A: They don't necessarily run faster but they do present the full native look and feel.

Q: There is a Delphi port of Box2d if I recall correctly. Would you say that wrapping the DLL is a better choice? Why?

A: I don't think there is a full port of Box2D, there is a port of the library interfaces. We built a different one. – Marco

Q: The login page doesn't give us much informtaion? There's no signup link and it doesn't specify if we can use our existing developer account. Any clues?

A: You can login with your EDN account.

Q: Where do I find the TAppAnalytics pricing/signup?

A: You can login today at appanalytics.embarcadero.com and use your EDN to see AppStart events. Pricing will be published soon but you can contact your local sales representative for more information.

Q: FireDac means native support?

A: FIreDAC has direct support for many databases using the respective client libraries

Q: sqlite with firedac

A: You can now bind the SO version, so you can use all of the SQLite features

Q: Why doesn't AppAnalytics use TLS? Seems very undesirable from a security/privacy standpoint.

A: The standard analytics gathered are fully anonymous and therefore do not pose a privacy concern.

Q: AppAnalytics has been exactly what I am looking for. However is there any possibility of having it report to a internal server (inside a company)?

A: For now it is a hosted service from Embarcadero - appanalytics.embarcadero.com

Q: Can you host your own AppAnalytics service (license free of course)? I see no valid reason why this should be hosted by Embarcadero.

A: No, it is only hosted by Embarcadero today. You can download the information for offline viewing.

Q: Can EMS server be set up locally?

A: Yes it can.

Q: Will Firemonkey ever support Android platform-native controls (not styled)?

A: This is being considered for the future

Q: is firedac now also supported for mobile ( mssql server, etc). xe 7 supported only interbase and sqllite.

A: Yes, through middleware like EMS or DataSnap

Q: Have you heard about ARC Welder from Google?

https://developer.chrome.com/apps/getstarted_arc I have tested some diferents applications and the result is OK. All my Apps made with Delphi (simple application or samples) fails on execute. Alguna idea de porqué está pasando esto?

A: I think it requires a Java app or an Intel binary. We can investigate

Q: Beacons should be great to find your car keys ;)

A: Too limited range, I fear

Q: How can we buy EMS and how much it would cost (one user)? Does one user means one server?

A: Users is the number of individuals that will login into EMS to access the service. The lowest user tier is up to 50 users.

Q: Any way to drag and drop fields from fireDac onto a form?

A: You can drag a connection or a database table from Data Explorer to the form or data module.

Q: Your focus is always on iOS but - in Germany - iOS is nearly no factor and Android has flooded the market... (On Intel too)

A: There is extra focus on iOS in this release because we have a new 64bit compiler for it. We know relevance varies by country.

Q: EMS looks great, I'm trying to develop a database driven game for android and mac not sure if a pricing would work for that.

A: While EMS is a great technology, it is an Enterprise level feature, more than a cloud "wide distribution" feature. You'd be probably be better off using Parse or Kinvey in a game scenario.

Q: any plan to change practice of using the environment PATH to store the path to the BPL? Like storing it in environment as a separate variable. My PATH is overfilled to far beyond the rim :-(

A: Not trivial, as applications need it as well (when using runtime packages), not just the IDE

Q: AppAnalytics - do you have a trial account where it can be used at no cost on a limited basis?

A: Yes, for now you get all AppStart events for free. More to come shortly.

Q: Is the TurboPack components only available for XE8 or XE7 too?

A: Most work also for XE7, the repositories are avaialble on GitHub

Q: Do we not get updates (e.g. XE 8 Update 1) if upgrading using Recharge?

A: If you renew your recharge we will have a way for you to get an Update Subscription

Q: Multiple Device with the same project?

A: RAD Studio offers single source forms for multiple paltforms, mobile and desktop

Q: Is EMS internally based on Datasnap or written from scratch ?

A: No, not based on DataSnap.

Q: The Controls. You only listed iOS.

A: iOS is the first platform to support native platform presentation.

Q: How can I find the migrating expert in XE8?

A: The migration tool is an application in the bin folder

Q: Does the new native HTTP(S) wrapper have an implementation for Indy's IOHandler?

A: No, they are separate from Indy

Q: Is Turbopower Systools part of TurboPack in XE8 (after re moval perhaps of the BDE-dependent functions)

A: Yes, it's included.

Q: I ask about an native HTTP(S) implementation for Indy's IOHandler because RemObjects SDK uses Indy, so for SSL you need to have an IOHandler to implement SSL.

A: I see. We are keeping Indy available as an option, but we have a full HTTP stack, not just the secutiry layer for HTTPS.

Q: Delphi users need a hotfix for missing IOS64 static libraries like libsqlite.a in a Delphi only install.

A: Yes, this is being considered. The files are apparently installed with RAD Studio but not with Delphi only.

Q: There is a list of bugfixes in xe8?

A: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/44358

Q: No compatibility with Windows Phone? but microsoft is working on "Windows 10", making all plattforms on the same OS. So why not making compatuble with the last Windows Phone?

A: Universal apps are a new Windows feature, difficult to understand how much appeal they will have. Previous generation "Moderns Apps" had very lttile impact in Windows 8.

Q: Did I understand that correctly: We don't get any updates (= mostly bug fixes!) without a maintenance contract?

A: You need an Update Subscription to get future updates, not fixes, and new releases

Q: Isn’t there a recharge option for XE7 users anymore?

A: You can renew your recharge into XE8, if you had renewed XE7.

11am Webinar

Q: Our resistance to the "single code source across platform" has been the "what if we need to do something only supported in the native dev platform" like maybe something I need to use objective-c to do

A: No problem, just IFDEF that portion of code and call in direclty.

Q: I've not seen a recharge offer from XE7 to XE8. Recharge has disapeared?

A: The Recharge program has been superseded by Update Subscription but you can renew your Recharge by calling your local sales representative. Only Recharge Renewals will be offered for XE8.

Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XHS5hZ3qTM&list=PLwUPJvR9mZHhZTajVWsgaFPLtDA-t1Xwc&index=51>

Q: Are there any plans to release the IOS 64-bit compiler for previous versions of Delphi/C++?

A: The iOS 64-bit platform support is only available in XE8.

Q: As a C++Builder user who care a lot about C++11/14 support, I have noticed that there has been some plans for a 32 bit Windows compiler based on Clang/LLVM.

It seems that the this is not part of XE8. Is there any info on plans for that ?

I also noticed that the 64 bit Windows compiler is based on Clang 3.1 (with improved C++11 RTL suppot).

Are there plans for updating to a newer Clang version ?

A: Yes, and yes. We do plan to move to a more recent CLANG/LLVM and provide 32-bit Windows support in a future version. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get access to the beta version when it is ready.

Q: Do "single source" apps emit all code and/or overhead for all devices to target runtime, so that an app to iOS 64 also includes some kind of baggage for the Android views? Or, does the compiler/linker/packager/whater only include what's necessary for that target?

A: Only what is necessary for the target build.

Q: Would XE8 address the "XE7 regular crash with out of memory error" #128612 (http://qc.embarcadero.com/wc/qcmain.aspx?d=128612) IDE error?

A: For many yes, we have also published some best practices to limit this occurence for most apps.

Q: Great, in that context, has anything been done to reduce the size of runtimes? They tend to be very large. :)

A: Yes, but in general most of the framework comes along with the app in a library. We are continuously improving this. Also, make sure you use release builds and not debug builds.

Q: How does the code size compare to natively developed apps?

A: FMX apps are bigger due to the included framework libraries and there is a one time cost but the one button app will show the biggest difference. As you add more features to a native app it grows but FMX apps to not at the same rate.

Q: Does the new FM support RightToLeft Languages

A: Not yet, that is still a future roadmap item.

Q: Hello! Where can I find the list improvements made to Datasnap ? I would like to see the list of changes/improvements/bug fixes since XE5 to XE8. Is that something I can find somewhere?

A: No, I don't thikn such a list is currently available. The FireDACJSONReflect support is likley the top new feature... – Marco

Q: The AQ Time still not installing, do you only have XE8 on your machine or do you have older versions also? I only have XE8 on our server.

A: Probably best for you to contact Support so they can look into it further

Q: So linux server support is not in XE8? Please confirm

A: Confirmed

Q: About Windows 10 universal app ?

A: No current plans to support WinRT but of course we will continue to support WinAPI on Windows 10

Q: Where IDE Out of Memory errors and stability address in this release or is that planned for the future release? Refering to the slide 7 of the 2015 Roadmap.

A: OOM errors will have top priority in a future release, along with the adoption of a larger memory model for the IDE. There are only some limited improvements in XE8 – Marco

Q: If platform controls are selected, I assume the Styling does away? (FM Premium Styles)

A: If you want to render controls using custom styles on iOS, you would set the control setting to Styled.

Q: Is Box2d FM only or does it support VCL as well?

A: box2D also supports VCL

Q: How do you disable the AppAnalytics messages sent from the IDE?

A: Simply opt-out of the Customer Experience Program during the install. Also you can look under Tools | Options | Customer Experience Program

Q: Is there a small volume zero transaction cost provision for App Analytics that can be used for testing during active development and prior to release?

A: Yes, today you can look at AppStart events up to 10k per month for free but we plan to expand that soon for eval/testing.

Q: What happens in our application if your appAnalytics server is down? Is there a web page the lists things like uptime commitments, security, specs on AppAnalitycs?

A: If the server is down the analytics would not be capture during that period. There is committment to uptime at this point as analytics are generallly not mission critical.

Q: Are there tools for importing projects from Visual Studio?

A: No there is not but you can use code from a RAD Studio app from VisualStudio in a DLL

Q: Can Delphi XE8 build a static library that can be linked into an app built by another tool, for example a business logic module linking to an Objective-C app?

A: Yes, for iOS and Android however ensure you export a C style interface.

Q: Do you need a TAppAnalytics Component per form or is per application? If it's per application can it be instantianted on a data module?

A: You only need to include one TAppAnalytics per application, and it can be placed on a datamodule.

Q: How well does the IDE run on 4K monitors? I'm thinking of getting a large 32" 4k monitor to allow running the IDE in part along with a display window and other windows all on the same monitor.

A: There is no official support in the manifest for this feature, so the IDE by default will look blurred (standard Windows behevior). It should be possible to change the behavior, though. There is a detailed document that explains how to handle the scenario, but I personallly have no direct experience - Marco

Q: When is it available support for Intel Atom?

A: RAD Studio apps should work today on KitKat and above with libhoudini.so. If iyou have an app that doesn't we can submit a bug report to Intel.

Q: Will there be a new release of VCL or FireMonkey Premium Styles for XE8?

A: We added new premium styles for both VCL and FireMonkey for XE8: http://www.embarcadero.com/radoffer

Q: I would have appreciated seeing more of the developer tool improvements included in the IDE. I still don't know what is meant by parenthesis matching (as opposed to what it was already doing)

A: More information: http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/productivity http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/XE8/en/Castalia_Overview#Visual_Features

Q: Is there a Ribbon Control available for Firemonkey ?

A: No, Ribbon is a very Windows specific UI feature (and Microsoft has a patent on it)

Q: Marco, you have forgotten to mention the Active Directory support for EMS.

A: I thought I covered it... I mentioned the custom login and AD delivered as a demo... unless I ended up cutting it, because my section was too long....

Q: how is my current maintenance license impacted by the subscription service change? I have maint until Jan 1, 2016

A: Maintenance = subscription. You automatically have the new subscription, which extends on maintenance

Q: Do you still have the special Upgrade-Program you had until recently to update from very old version to the current version including support-package?

A: Yes. Registered users of versions XE2 or earlier can purchase XE8 at the upgrade price as long as you purchase with a 1 year Update Subscription.

Q: Plans for IDE on other platforms?

A: Not at this point, maybe in the future

Q: Regarding the 4k monitor support, I run Delphi inside of a VMWare VM running Win 7. The monitor is actually supported by OS X. Does this make a difference? Or will Windows still muck things up?

A: Depends on your settings, I have my retina Mac with a high resolutions Windows and Delphi working fine in it. Even Windows 10 (current build) and XE8

Q: Does that mean that VCL or FireMonkey Premium styles are installed with XE8 Install?

A: The new XE8 Premium Styles are available at http://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30180 and http://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30179

Q: We still use Delphi 6. Is XE8 available as update for us or do we have to buy a new license?

A: Since you are on a version that is XE2 or earlier, you can still purchase at the Upgrade price as long as you purchase with a 1 Year Update Subscription

Q: So when I bought XE8 Studio Enterprise yesterday I will not get any fixes since i didn't select the addition 1k upgrade option?

A: Correct. You can still add update subscription to it, though.

Q: Could you please add the link to the appanalytics to the qa-log

A: http://appanalytics.embarcadero.com/users/sign_in

Q: what happen to the Recharge program and if I purchase xe7 under the recharge program can I purchase xe8 as a recharge?

A: If you previously Recharged to XE7, you can do a Recharge Renewal to XE8 by contacting Embarcadero Sales

Q: Can you detail more the dbExpress to FireDAC migration?

A: There is a code migration script plus some specific helper components, that minimize the differences between the two. [David I note – I don’t know of a script for dbExpress to FireDAC – there is a script for migrating BDE to FireDAC]

Q: Is AppMethiod getting updated like this as well?

A: Yes. The downloads are being updated and notification emails about the new update should go out next week.

Q: I have a recharge program - is there a benefit in pricing when I switch to the new model?

A: Yes. Update Subscription costs less per year than purchasing two Recharge upgrades per year. Update Subscription also includes access to Support and other benefits.

Q: What kind of encryption (algorithms, in transit, at rest) are provided out of the box with XE8 for IOT solutions using private or Kinvey type back end providers?

A: Generally in transit, standard protocols like HTTPS is supported. At rest, best to look into encrypted databases like InterBase ToGo

Q: is html5 builder free with delphi enterprise

A: HTML5 Builder is only available as part of RAD Studio (any edition).

Q: What is the source of TField access improvement?

A: Low-level code copying data from fields to active record buffers

Q: If I have an active support maintenance contract, is it automatically changed to Update Subscription or to I need to take action, pay additional fee?

A: No, there is an automatic conversion. Nothing to do on your side until your current contract expires...

Q: Where can I find the AppMethod prices? I cannot find them in the on-line store.

A: You can find it at http://www.appmethod.com/pricing. Whenever you are comparing Appmethod to RAD Studio, keep in mind that Appmethod doesn't support VCL.

Q: WIll you provide an application or publish API to access new Quality Portal?

A: That's something we could consider, but not currently planned. The quality portal is based on Jira from Atlassian

Q: Will you add compression as a property to the Datasnap, REST, EMS, AppTethering components?

A: This is something we are considering. DataSnap had it for the old interfaces... You can do it in a custom way (and we do it occasionally) but a global, easy support will be nice

Q: Did I just hear JT say you could plug Objective-C files into an app build cycle for an iOS/OS X app?

A: Yes. It requires a specific compiler setting...

Q: FireDAC - SQLite: are still sqlite3.dll needed for Windows or is it in the binary?

A: You generally need it, but there are different options -- Need to ask for the exact details (feel free to email Marco on this)

Q: Where do you pay for the update subscription

A: Any standard purchase channel will work, online, direct through Embarcadero, or through a reseller partner.

Q: Is it possible to access AVFoundation framework on IOS to use integrated QR code recognition possibilities?

A: Yes, you can use the Objectic-C bridge for Object Pascal and C++ but you can also build Objective-C++ files (.mm extension) by adding the specific -objectice-c command-line option when building that file

Q: Do you need a TAppAnalytics Component per form or is per application? If it's per application can it be instantianted on a data module?

A: Per app and yes it can be instantiated and activated anywhere in your program

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