Proximity Sensors Made Simple With BeaconFence In RAD Studio On Android And iOS

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BeaconFence is a developer proximity solution that delivers precise “GPS-Free” indoor/outdoor user location tracking and events with radial and geometric zones for any physical location and layout. Visually draw the layout of the physical location and beacon placement to track location information down to inches. Create radial and rectangular zones and track intersections, enters, and exits with callback events. BeaconFence enables developers to take proximity beacons to the next level by adding precision spatial location awareness to their applications both indoors and outdoors.

It provides your application on a BLE device with the following features: Monitor beacons and trigger proximity events. Define zones and trigger proximity events for: entering zone, exiting zone and approaching zone. Compute automatically the position of your BLE mobile device in a map. Calculate a route between points of interest in a map.

The BeaconFence component has many different properties and events you can set up, such as the OnZoneEnter event to trigger an event in the user’s client application as he enters a pre-defined zone.

It also includes the Beacon Fencing Map Editor. You can easily create a new map using this GUI editor, and load an existing bitmap, such as an office floor plan, to use as your beacon-fencing map. With BeaconFence, you can set up several maps for different areas in your factory, for example, or floors in your building.

The BeaconFence Map Editor allows you to create a project where you can design, load, and edit several maps of interest. For each map you can define and modify the layout of physical spaces and the placement of a set of: Beacons, Zones, and Paths with nodes

It also provides you with the abilities to: Fence areas within the map space. Name beacons, zones, paths, and nodes. Connect, and disconnect paths between maps. And finally set description values for beacons, zones, and nodes.

BeaconFence is available through GetIt, a package manager integrated into RAD Studio for easily accessing, downloading and updating components.

Head over and find out more about BeaconFence in the Embarcadero DocWiki.

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