Previewing RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support in 10.2

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Today, I thought I would preview a new feature that we have been working on for the 10.2 release. It's multi-tenancy support for RAD Server, a frequently requested feature by our customers.

RAD Server is a turn-key application foundation for rapidly building and deploying services based applications. RAD Server provides automated Delphi and C++ REST/JSON API publishing and management, Enterprise database integration middleware, IoT Edgeware and an array of application services such as User Directory and Authentication services, Push Notifications, Indoor/Outdoor Geolocation and JSON data storage.

With Multi-Tenancy support in 10.2, a single RAD Server instance with a single RAD Server database connection will be able support multiple isolated tenants. Each tenant has a unique set of RAD Server resources including Users, Groups, Installations, Edge Modules, and other data.



In a retail store chain scenario, each store with its employees and goods is a tenant implementation.

Managers can add new store items, delete them, and edit the details of the existing ones while cashiers can only view the information about the existing goods. Neither employee can see the information about the other stores in the chain.

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