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Dear Developers,

Please, accept my apologies for one of my last videos. The only reason I made it publish was to promote my CodeRage 8 Session. The beginning of my session starts with words:

"I'm 100% programmer and click my mouse, rather than a gun. But sometimes to make app useful we need to play our customers and 100% know, what they really need. So I take a gun only for making mobile iPhone app to help shooters".

I really made my application for iPhone. It takes photo from a paper target and in auto-counting mode calculate the current score. It's an interesting task, as basically desktop solutions are inapplicable to situation of shooting range. In addition, there are some available mobile iPhone apps in this not military, but purely sporting area. Please, search for IPSC.

This mobile app was designed to and demonstrates how to:

  • Use camera to take pictures (paper targets);

  • Draw on canvas (to make markers);

  • Process the image (zooming);

  • Implement gestures;

  • Count scores, draw in ListBox;

  • Visualize results in TChart.

Of course, at the moment I have to change the content of my session. I'll show "kid toy for mobile". I guess, nobody will be offended this time.

Regarding specific issues in my video. I don't aim at anybody. I don't produce a shot. I don't sound any threats. I move a gun not towards the audience, excepting the last part, when I hold it by a barrel towards myself. The handle is towards the audience. It's a well known "calming" movement, demonstrating absolutely no aggression and peaceful intentions.

Summary: I do feel sorry, if I occasionally looked aggressive. "A gun shooter" was shown as a part of follow-on session regarding mobile app development for shooting sportsmen and hobbyist. The mobile app, which was planned to be shown, was nothing else, but purely applied no-gun-specific software. Functionality was to take picture, process it and visualize the results. It's a common functional pattern for mobile apps.

Best regards,
Vsevolod Leonov

P.S. It was NOT 100% marketing, the mobile application is real. I was imitating "a user" for such kind of software.

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    David Intersimone Monday, 14 October 2013

    Seva - thanks for your understanding of the feelings of some members of our community and for taking down the video. Would be interesting as a dart board target - I'd love to play darts on my mobile device.

  • Guest
    Vsevolod Leonov Monday, 14 October 2013

    It was my fault, I was a bit "brutal". Really I wanted to make something like "Police Academy" or "The Naked Gun" - funny movies with absolutely no violence.

    David, you're idea about dart board is great! To tell the truth, my app is far from idea, because holes in paper sometimes are two close and merge, which is hard to distinguish. I will investigate into dart game, but at the point something can be done. The ideal case is "live camera mode" like qr-code recognition.

    Anyhow, Delphi for Android and iOS gives us a great inspiration for new fresh ideas! If these experimental projects fail, we'll start another.

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