Parallel programming and XE7 in Sweden

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Today I have been continuing the XE7 world tour events, this time in Stockholm. (following on from Gothenburg on Monday and Denmark last week), in fact Yesterday was great, visiting the Gothenburg Delphi Meet up who were celebrating 10 years of gathering. Congratulations guys! :-)

Parallel programming

Its been an interesting few days in the sessions, with a lot of buzz around the new Parallel programming library and everything this opens up as cool possibilities to existing VCL developers. To quote a developer at the event today after seeing Parallel Programming Libraries Tasks, "I didn't know I needed this until I saw it, now I really need this in my code". The ability to code multiple tasks at the same time without blocking up the UI is exceptionally powerful. I am sure we can all think of those times in code where we have multiple activities that need to happen. Using TTask now you can have them all happen at the same time which is amazing.

While this feature is there for parallel programming is a multiple platforms, cross platform, single code base feature that also works with FireMonkey as well as Windows.


One question I have now received at a few events is about the Parallel programming library and if you can control the number of Threads it will go create. The short answer is yes, but it may be better create your own pool. (more details on the TThreadPool from the Parallel Programming Library here.

Below is a picture from today captured and shared via an App tethering applications with a single like of code n the server.

Great to see you all again in Denmark, Stockholm and Gothenburg and to hear about the amazing things you are writing with your software for Police vehicles, airport security, bookings systems, bio-nuclear health care, chicken farming, wind turbine, energy management, hair dressers, personal trainers and so much more aside, and thank you for all the kind words about the vision embarcadero has with the RAD Tools.

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