Overview of New Windows 10 VCL Controls with Ray Konopka

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Delphi 10 Seattle introduced several new native VCL controls that are inspired by new controls that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10. This session provides an overview of the new controls including the TRelativePanel and TSplitView and demonstrates how to use them effectively.

Ray Konopka is the president and founder of Raize Software, an Embarcadero Technology Partner providing high-quality, innovative developer tools since 1995. Ray is the creator of CodeSite and the Konopka Signature VCL Controls (formerly called Raize Components). He is also the author of the highly acclaimed Developing Custom Delphi Components books, a co-author of several other Delphi books, and has published numerous articles on software development. Ray specializes in user interface design, custom component development, and mobile solutions. An engaging presenter, Ray is an Embarcadero MVP and a frequent speaker at developer conferences.


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