Our 2016 Anniversary!

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October marks an exciting anniversary for Embarcadero. Since being acquired by IDERA in October 2015, we have made great progress to establish a strong brand Dedicated to Developers. There has been a lot of change to reshape the business for long-term success. Today our stronger performance enables us to continue to invest in our products and customers with confidence.

Only months after we relaunched Embarcadero for Developers, we released 10.1 Berlin. We received many accolades from you that we are taking the product in the right direction, with a good balance between quality and features. As we moved the business to update subscription, we listened to you, and focused on more updates and fewer major releases.

In September, we released Berlin Update 1 to support the latest releases of Windows 10, iOS, and Android. And now – based on your feedback – we are about ready to release Berlin Update 2, our Anniversary Edition, with full support for Windows Desktop Bridge (aka Centennial), and much more. With these critical updates we continue to deliver the most up-to-date support for Windows application development available. That is a big deal, and I am very proud of our product team for what they have accomplished.

Berlin Anniversary Edition provides the latest upgrades for our VCL framework and styles, which make building compelling UX designs for Windows 10 easier. Marco Cantu recently published a number of blogs with interesting tips to help monetize all these features, but after speaking with many customers, I think we are just scratching the surface of what is possible.

Similarly, our FireMonkey (FMX) updates further improve, what in my opinion is already the best cross-platform native apps development framework from a single source code. One just needs to look at EarMaster, our July Cool App winner, to see what is possible. We need to do a far better job of educating the market of the power of FMX. It is by far the best native framework for cross-platform native development (oh I already said that). FMX is also for modernizing existing or legacy applications - you can make a splash with relatively minimal incremental investment.

I understand that many customers still think that an upgrade will take a long time, and making a legacy app cool again is next too impossible. We have some wonderful case studies that tell a different story – and that in fact, such efforts can cost a fraction of the time and money they took just a few years ago.  I have personally seen how with the help from our Upgrade Center and a few tips from our skillful SCs, customers can transform many million lines of code in just a few weeks.


I am also pleased to see all the versatile components available for Berlin from our partners. This summer we reenergized our partner program with a GetIt Newsletter that highlights the incredible value companies such as TMS, Dev Express, Fast Reports, n-Software, Woll2Woll, Steema, Gnostice, Delphi Parser, and many others provide. Embarcadero is truly fortunate to have such robust partner network. In the future we will make it even easier for partners to collaborate with our internal product teams.

Speaking of our product team, I recently shared the wonderful news that Nick Hodges joined us to lead Product Management. In the last month, I have been in multiple product meetings where the energy of the team was contagious. There is a very substantial roadmap ahead, and Nick and his team are going to be very, very busy. Of course, Linux is a big part of what’s coming, but there’s so much more under development or already available that makes our RAD family of products the undisputed best choice for fast cross-platform application development (I should probably stop saying that).

If you are reading this you are likely already passionate about our products. While, we have done a lot in the last year to make them more successful, we need to do even more to educate and excite customers about what is available and possible. Our social activation efforts are paying off and our customer reach has doubled this year. I hope that you enjoy the prolific content that is being generated by our MVPs, PMs, SCs, marketing team and passionate customers. I know that sometimes it may seem a lot, especially with emails, and we are trying to make them more targeted and content rich, so you get real value from them. We firmly believe that sharing our joined success is key to energize the community and make you the customer, more successful. I’ve been thrilled to see some of the cool apps we’ve helped you bring to life -- and look forward to many, many more!

We need your continued support to ensure that Delphi, C++ Builder, RAD Studio and the powerful idea of fast and efficient development continue to thrive -- and that Embarcadero continues to be the most innovative leader in the Development Tool Business.

Thank you for a wonderful year!

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Atanas Popov is the General Manager of Embarcadero Technologies. He is responsible for creating and executing the company's global business strategy. He is a passionate technologist with deep experience in product development, marketing and sales. Prior to IDERA & Embarcadero, Atanas led the Media business at Acxiom. He was a portfolio CEO for several Versata/Trilogy companies and co-fouded two technology start-ups in Healthcare and Ad tech. Atanas brings over 10 years in management consulting experience from Deloitte.


  • Steve J
    Steve J Tuesday, 15 November 2016

    Just installed update 2 and again, we have to fully reinstall all components and 3rd party tools, meaning about a 12 hours cycle for me.
    When are you going to provide a real update that doesn't require to fully uninstall everything.
    The migration tool is a joke, it's almost useless, it doesn't keep installed packages, etc...
    Disappointed again to say the least.

  • antonello C
    antonello C Thursday, 10 November 2016

    Dear Atanas,
    Congratulations and keep it up !!

    greetings from Italy!

    Antonello Carlomagno
    a delphi user from first delphi version!

  • AG70
    AG70 Saturday, 5 November 2016

    Hi Atanas,

    I am still waiting for BiDi (Right-To-Left) support for FireMonkey Android and iOS so I will able to renew my Enterprise subscription.
    I am not the only one around the world :)

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