On Tour with Delphi and C++Builder XE6

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Travelling... It is like with everything in our lives. When it is too much, you start not to like it. When it is too rare, you start to miss it. Human nature.

I just like coding in Delphi and C++Builder, and just cannot help it. I like showing off the latest new features. And some existing ones as well:-)

The new mantra: one source code and multiple target platforms! And the mantra that stood the challenge: building apps from reusable, visual components that you can manipulate at design time...

Some photos from my recent trips below. My last stop was in Brno in Czech. Great people, great beer and food;-)

It was great meeting Radek Cervinka, Embarcadero MVP and the spirit behind of delphi.cz!

Delphi in Czech Republic is very, very strong. It is all about passion and clearly Peter Houf from Embarcadero.cz is passionate! I was demonstrating a lot of FireDAC demos and Peter has the whole series of articles about FireDAC online on his blog at http://petrhouf.blogspot.cz/.

The previous stop was in Denmark. Two presentations - Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Jens Fudge is our Embarcadero MVP in Denmark.

The two days just before XE6 events were all about Delphi trainings created and delivered by Jens Fudge!

And there was Budapest. It was great showing XE6 on the cinema screen!

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  • AlexBeen
    AlexBeen Tuesday, 21 February 2017

    Hi Pawel I need homework help with my programming assignment in C++. Can you help me?

  • Guest
    Marek Saturday, 14 June 2014

    Interesting blog entry! Last time i've received some info about new XE6 tool, and it gets my attention.

    But XE6 isn't first tool that allow to create mobile apps - you can use even old C++ Builder 6 to create some GUI apps, that can be executed on Android, Windows and Windows Mobile apps. Of course you have to write some wrappers but it is possible (i've some experience over it).

    Question is: is it worth to invest with new XE6 tool? The price is rather high as for local conditions, but the significant question is market still have some jobs/openings/contract for work with C++ Builder tasks?

    kind regards

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