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The fourth season of Embarcadero EMEA "Developer Direct ONLINE!" webinars is half way! There are still three more episodes to go, 30 minutes every second Friday at 11am Amsterdam (10am UK) time. With every webinar we have more attendees and you can still register at embt.co/embtdd4

Today I had a pleasure of talking about some of the cool Object Pascal programming language features that were introduced in recent Delphi versions, including:

During the webinar I have promised to make the source code of all demos available for download. Here it is! You can download all "Object Pascal modern language features" demos from Code Central.

The replies from "Developer Direct ONLINE" sessions are available at http://streaming.embarcadero.com

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    Vanners Tuesday, 6 September 2016

    The link to streaming.embarcadero.com does not show any recent activity, the latest being 2014. There is a "Mind your language" replay, but that is for Delphi XE6, not this most recent version.

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    Vanners Saturday, 3 September 2016

    Is there a video recording of these webinars? I missed the first few, and even missed the last 20 minutes of this one.

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