New LearnDelphi.TV videos by Alister Christie, Embarcadero MVP from New Zealand

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Alister Christie has released two new short videos on his LearnDelphi.TV site, "Indentation" and "Syntax Highlighting Colors". This brings the number of free Delphi videos, that Alister has created, up to 115. In "Movie #114: Indentation", a 6 minute video, Alister looks at the various techniques that can be used to indent and format code - some you will probably know - others you might not. With "Movie #115: Syntax Highlighting Colors", Alister asks "Have you changed your default colors in Delphi? If not you probably should.  With adjusting the colors you can gain greater insight into your code, you can reduce the strain on your eyes and you can make Delphi look just plain cooler."  This video is four and a half minutes long.

You can watch these free videos (and the previous one hundred and thirteen videos) by going to Alistair's list of Free Videos. Alister also has in-depth Delphi programming videos for sale. You can find the list of these longer form videos on his Video Products page.

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  • Alister Christie
    Alister Christie Monday, 9 May 2016

    Thanks for the mention David. I'm going to try and get a bunch more free videos done over the next couple of weeks.

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