New IoT Device Components in RAD Studio Berlin Update 1

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RAD Studio Berlin offers more than 50 Internet of Things device components. This includes support for popular Bluetooth LE and Z-Wave IoT devices ranging from healthcare to fitness and home automation. A couple of new IoT device components have been added in Subscription Update 1 and are available for download via the GetIt Package Manager (Tools > GetIt Package Manager).



The following IoT device components were added in Update 1. Both of these are BLE tracker components, designed to be attached to your keys, wallet, phone etc.:


BiiSafe Buddy

ThingConnect IoT Device Component Pack for BiiSafe Buddy by BiiSafe.



Pally Smart Key Finder

ThingConnect IoT Device Component Pack for Pally Smart Key Finder (KF-4A) by Pally Tech.


To see some of the IoT device components that are part of RAD Studio Berlin, click on the image below:




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