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Since last year, beside our regular docwiki with the extensive product documentation (it has over a quarter million pages!) Embarcadero has a platforms status wiki indicating with versions of operating systems are supported -- and how that changes over different versions of RAD Studio. The page includes also information on just released operating system updates and fixes or workarounds for those.

Now we have added a new page listing the versions of the RDMBS FireDAC officially supports in different versions of RAD Studio. We plan adding similar workarounds and additional information as it becomes available, although in most cases newer database versions work fine with drivers tested for previous versions. The new page is at:

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  • Cary M34915
    Cary M34915 Tuesday, 13 June 2017

    Like previous comments re SQL Server, we were looking at migrating to FireDAC (migrating XE projects to Tokyo) however since most of our clients are on SQL Server 2012 or later in concerns us to see the max supported version is 2008

  • MalcolmC
    MalcolmC Monday, 12 June 2017

    I'm disappointed that there is still NO info for NexusDB. I have the NexusDB ODBC driver and (maybe) six months ago tested it with FireDAC. It did not work!! I checked with Nexus developers and was informed the problem was with FireDAC. I suppose you are going to say "the problem is with Nexus". Looking forward to a positive response (apart from "please log the issue").

  • David B4407
    David B4407 Tuesday, 23 May 2017

    Likewise we use SQL Server and are cutting off versions earlier than 2012. We currently use ADO but are looking at moving to FireDAC. It would be great to read more information about the status of support for SQL Server versions newer than 2008. The current page is potentially very misleading to people evaluating Delphi and it initially gave me the idea that FireDAC could NOT connect to SQL Server 2012 at all!

  • Lars Fosdal
    Lars Fosdal Friday, 12 May 2017

    We currently have SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012 databases live, and we are moving to 2016.
    FireDAC currently only officially supports the 2008 APIs. Are there plans to bring support for newer versions anytime soon?
    Noteworthy enhancements are f.x.
    - JSON export/import, and JSON string types with query support.
    - Foreign key limit increased from 253 to 10K.
    - UTF-8 support for bulk insert
    - String_Split/String_Escape
    - Dynamic data masking

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