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We’re excited to announce our partnership with CData to offer 80+ Enterprise Connectors.


The result of a year-long collaboration effort with CData, Enterprise Connectors leverages Embarcadero’s RAD Studio FireDAC technology to remove the complexity in connecting to multiple data sources, and make CData's adapters easily accessible to Delphi and C++ developers.

We will soon be kicking off an Enterprise Connectors Beta for Update Subscription customers.

CData Enterprise Connector Packs will be sold by Embarcadero in two different editions, providing customers on 10.2 Tokyo Professional, Enterprise or Architect an easy integration to 80+ popular data sources such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SugarCRM, MailChimp and JIRA.


By incorporating standards-compliant interfaces like FireDAC for real-time access to cloud or on-premises applications, Enterprise Connectors provides developers a unified approach to seamlessly build applications that connect to leading enterprise data. This simplifies the developer's task in learning and keeping up with multiple evolving APIs, while focusing on the key benefits of their connectivity.


How to participate in the Beta:

The Enterprise Connectors Beta will be a Public Beta, allowing anyone on Update Subscription to participate. Downloads for each connector will soon be available in the GetIt Package Manager in 10.2 Tokyo. Watch for a separate announcement on the beta start date soon.


Enterprise Connectors - FireDAC Component Features

Unicode-Enabled 32/64-bit Data Access Components for SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data


  • Feature-rich high-performance Data Access Components

  • Full design-time support for data operations directly from RAD Studio

  • Unicode: 32-bit and 64-bit support

  • Full SQL-92 Engine

  • Enterprise-class Secure Communications

  • Replication & Caching support

  • String, Date & Numeric SQL Functions

  • Collaborative Query Processing

  • Dynamic Schema / Meta-data Discovery

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Enterprise Connectors Product Page: 

Enterprise Connectors Press Release: 


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  • Marc Future
    Marc Future Monday, 26 June 2017

    As coder I shall never forget the day Borland came out with c++ RAD we had no more than injection in help relieving our design time hours but we could concentrate us on stuff that really mattered What was waste off time before , only we wrote those time 10 lines code for an object so Over those 25 years we already had real-time with sockets tcp/ip and decided for security reasons and having overall controll writing database aswell. The whole multi target platform is for professionals not a game off making some drawings ,connect some fields with any BD of other ODBC and voila we have a programm. And more horrible is that Microsoft is pumping all free in their VS c# app's as add-ons is pleasure stuff we don't have that though native web-app that should be verry helpfull be but we will never work for an OS (Mac,Win,Android,Google,IOS) and the future one thing you have good is the thetering cause that will happen chrome OS ,mobile phone and vola we on the other hand are pushed in browsers so before we had it now 3th parys like devexpress all MS VS Free version ,give use choice off using Unicode or not cause we work on byte level and have nothing on Asia . I dunno but I have all IDE's till XE6 "WE ARE CODERS NO DESIGNERS" only fact you kicked Indy away not that we need Indy but without it's just calling service API's but then ya go for IP*Works you should be ashamed off yarself. Got more and more feeling company is already sold-out to MS cause the so called creator bug well I don't buy it maybe time that the scene reacts and if you tell to end -users they can compile 64bit can ya thenbe so honnest to tell it'ss waste off resources cause thos 64bit are for the kernel of the OS as Application you get a max of 4GB And those so called Delpji's pro and contra's should first better learn what Delpji is Borland it's time stopping with EMB do you have no any ashame I pay for the IDE I wan't and not backward stop with all those nonsens give us web-app pass-through with vcl and thetering We thought MS was dangerous but we are hostaged by Google and we lose total controll and it's now we can counter back but with open -source frameworks as dd-ons we don't gonna make it give us a browser that chrome does with the exception we have unlimited resources or is it's so difficulult Mac en IOS is not an issue Android and Chrome OS on the other hand we code for companys and this is no joke as the world believes they are safe cause they have an Antivirus installed that's like telling a child a fairytail act now and listen to the coders there is enough technology stolen become the company we believed in and you know it aswell so ACTION

  • Bob Calco
    Bob Calco Thursday, 22 June 2017

    My team and I have deep understanding of certain enterprise NoSQL systems in the healthcare space. Is there documentation or a tutorial somewhere about how to implement FireDAC components?

  • RolandK
    RolandK Thursday, 22 June 2017

    Hi Bob,
    this is what Dmitry had to say about that once ...
    With some Rad Studio versions you get the source of the fddrivers and it would probably be the best approach to have a look at it ... sound difficult though.

  • RolandK
    RolandK Wednesday, 21 June 2017

    Hi Sarina,
    do you have a tentative pricing for this awesome offer?


  • Sarina D
    Sarina D Wednesday, 21 June 2017

    Hi Roland,
    We're very excited about the Enterprise Connectors.
    Regarding pricing, please contact sales using our contact form:

    You can select 'Other' from the drop-down menu until we add 'Enterprise Connectors' as an option in the drop-down menu.


  • RolandK
    RolandK Thursday, 22 June 2017

    thanks for answering. Already had a conversation with sales.

    Best regards


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